Gray Chapel with Snow Frosting



View from my front porch
where I live in my apartment.

When I tell my friends from
out of town~
Avenel, New Jersey- Sandy

Long Beach, Mississippi- Patrice

and cousin, Heather in Las Vegas,

They may not “picture” my good

Living downtown Delaware, Ohio
next door to
Ohio Wesleyan University campus
“ain’t so bad.”

* ☆ * * ☆ *      * ☆ *

In about three blocks, you

may also walk to the

Delaware Arts Castle,

but the OWU Gray Chapel

reminds me of a castle.

☆ * ☆ ☆ * ☆ ☆ * ☆


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    • Oh, dear, I am jealous, Elizabeth. We have teen temperatures going down today. Lucky grandies and teachers probably off for snow day. Up at 5 and trudging shortly to car and get it warmed up. Hugs to you!

    • Yay, Colleen! It just reminds me of one too. Brr-r, starting out to get to work. I liked no snow and want warmth of sun! I was happy spending time in apt with Micah after he threw 2 slush snowballs yesterday! xo

      • 🙂 I love this! If I got to schedule it. I would get chilly leading up to Christmas. Beautiful white snow on Christmas eve morning through Christmas morning. Stay for 2 more days. Then go away. 🙂

    • It is a music concert building and classes in another subject. I featured Gray Chapel on a Thursday’s Doors post. It is part of University next door 🙂 Thanks, Joanne. ♡

    • I love the expression, “bygone day.” It was built a fairly long time ago, this was the sulphur springs resort. The first building on campus. . . I would have to look back on my research to know the date. Memory’s not that strong, break is over. Gotta go, have a great rest of the day! 🙂

    • Do you remember the saying, “Singing for your supper?” You took a spin on this I never would have expected, Pauline. Thank you for this chuckle that burst from my mouth! I like the birds and the music. . . You would fit right in with your songs in the morning. 🙂

    • Pauline, somehow even though it has the posts in a list that I had scheduled ahead of time it only released a few of them. Thank goodness! 🙂
      On my email I had posts going for days and now, they disappeared on the blog. Feeling a bit better and hope everyone understands. They may have had a peek at posts in the Future. Hugs, Robin Tell Siddy he is a good dog and Orlando how proud I am at his adjusting so well to a sweet wriggle worm like Siddy who “steals the show!” ♡♡♡

    • Thank you, Jenny. It is a great view but you and the friends I have out there in the world (and here in Delaware) have something special to look out their door or window at. All those gardens, decks, city streets, balconies, views of mountains, streams or even beaches. . . we are all lucky to have different vistas to share. 🙂

    • Nia, this is a very cool thought about it resembling a European city. It is rather old, the original place was a health spa with a sulphur spring. Once inoculations became commonly used, the springs were not needed for their curative powers. A minister got the town to raise money to have a small college but the campus grew and many buildings built. I take my grandkids to a park named Blue Limestone. There are three quarries, the stone built several of the buildings on campus, including Gray Chapel. It is a Methodist faith based college, Nia. 🙂 Just to fill you in since some of this I shared on doors posts and along the path of blogging. . .

      • Ah, well, it reminds me of parts of Oxford and Bath. I think the stone color with the cold and snow just bring that quality out. Sounds like a great school.
        We have hot spring type places here for pretty much the same–curative qualities back in the day. The castle quality just makes it more awesome, but cool history 🙂

      • I am so glad you filled me in on the same knowledge and use of sulphur springs over in England, Nia. I sm also happy to hear an Ohio college reminds you of parts of Bath and Oxford. The stone does have different tones and colors depending on the time of day or as you mentioned, snow and cold may bring out other color. Thanks, Nia. Nice “chatting” with you. 🙂

  1. I think it’s a BEAUTIFUL view, and it must be splendid year-round! (Although you know me, I love the snowy versions!) I’d be quite happy to take my morning coffee and stare at the side of that church — and in fall, with the turret rising from colorful leaves? Oh yes, thanks 🙂
    I arranged my living room so that my spot has me gazing out the picture window all day, and that’s become such a blessing.
    Far better than any view I’ve ever had in a place I’ve lived. As you know, a lot of the Midwest has us gazing into one another’s yards :/ Bleh.

    • Joey, I am excited that you seem interested in future seasons with Gray Chapel through photos. Well, you may love the pink flowering trees, but your favorites will be Fall and Winter. I like the idea of your living room facing out at trees and nature. Your bedroom view is outstanding, Joey.

  2. Pingback: Tunesday: Leonard Cohen, Hallelujah! | Old Road Apples

    • Thank you very much for posting Leonard Cohen, who is one of the best gravelly voiced singers of his own song, Hallelujah! I apologize for being late in getting this approved. I don’t often have people waiting to be approved. . . You are so kind and I liked the song! Smiles, Robin

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