Heavenly Visions



I liked a recent post a good friend,
fellow blogger, Beth, published
~ • ~ • ~ 12/31/15 ~ • ~ • ~
*The quote I chose has not been
on any other blog I have seen*

She featured an “old friend” of
many of us, one who was a
soft spoken, generous and
well known man:

Fred Rogers~

“I believe that appreciation is a holy
thing- – that when we look for what’s
best in a person we happen to be
with at the moment, we’re doing
what God does all the time.

So in loving and appreciating our
neighbor, we’re participating
in something sacred.”

Thank you to ♡ Beth,
who sometimes misplaces
her glasses for starting 2016
with featuring one of our heroes.


There are some good friends of mine,
Ones who I feel by sharing a name
“Beth” or “Elizabeth,”
We are “kindred spirits.”

You see my maiden name was,
Robin Elizabeth Oldrieve.

They come from many places,
We all have at least one or two
Common interests with caring
and sharing being part of our
“natural dispositions.”

We are not “angels,”
There is no “bragging,”
Nor direct family members,
Sisters of different parents,
but nevertheless. . .

We are the sisterhood of
similar names.

If you have a Beth or
Elizabeth in your name,
I am happy to include you.
Please add yours with blog.

~ * Beth Byrnes,
California transplant from
the East coast, whose views
and values are interspersed
with living a beautiful life at:


~* Elizabeth from far away,
has traced a path I have
travelled more than once,
divorce and reinventing
her future. See how she
handles transition in
such logical choices:


~* Elizabeth is an original,
one of a kind person,
we go in spurts,
she is great!


~* Elizabeth Ann Johnson Murphee,
who writes books and is a warm,
creative writer of books.


Another name sake is,

Roberta has a root name of Robert.
When I occasionally needed
encouragement for art, I would
remember that Roberta joined
a local senior center, the same
month I did and painted with
a group. Friends challenge us,
which I appreciate:


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    • Thank you, lisa. I don’t know why but my Drafts in WordPress have released scheduled posts and I cannot seem to take them down including a Martin Luther King Jr post scheduled on his special day. I almost feel like crying. I hope there isn’t a virus? Weird moment. Sorry to maybe lean on you. Take care, from Robin

  1. Hi Robin, thank you for including me in the kindred sister club. You know we do need each other. My good friend that invited me to the painting group has been ill and I miss her, as she was my motivator. I feel kind of lost without her. I am doing something with colored pencils right now. It experimental.. another area that I don’t know what I am doing…lol!

  2. First of all, Robin, thank you — I am honored to be included.

    Second, forgive this very late response. Somehow I have a hard time blogging until the end of the week and I clearly missed this. I do try to make time during the week, but everything seems to get in the way.

    I now want to go and visit the other honorees and see what we have in common! You are so thoughtful. I would like to be more heavenly and angelic. I am working on it. Thanks for helping me be the best I can be.

    And, by the way, Fred Rogers is one of my all time heroes. What a magnificent human being. I used to watch him faithfully. Now, it seems, his shows are not on TV — maybe I can find him somewhere else, so Anna can enjoy him when she is visiting.

    Hugs to you and your whole wonderful community here. You are a haven, so, this is my thanks for the” havenly” visions as well. ❤

    • Thank you for admiring this photograph, Veronica. I used an editing feature on my cell phone to make this into an “egg” shape. Otherwise, I was cresting a hill in my car and saw this beautiful vista. ♡

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