Foggy ethereal mood, cemetery



Lying where I deeply am

beneath the heavy shroud,

under the mossy mold.

There are things weighing on

my mind, things left undone.

The birds listen to thoughts,

The stars shine down upon me.

Grass grows in springy spurts,

Flowers give fragrant bursts.

As seasons change;

Leaves fall, colorful and dewy

Drying in the warm sunshine,

Blowing in swirls around me.

Vines grow and wrap their

Tendrils and roots bump

Into rocks, dust, and dirt.

Nature’s surrounding me now,

Covering with blanket of snow.

My words a mere whisper

upon the shuddering wind.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Photo by Robin,
Poetry by Robin.


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    • Thank you, Beth. I am happy you like this oost. It was scheduled for next week so now, everyone will see all the work I planned to stretch out for a month. Just should go with it but I was happy with just the name sake post today. Hugs, Robin

    • Colleen, I appreciate your liking the phrases. This is a wonderful comment with heartfelt words. What time of day did this arrive? Let me know please. I am trying to figure out why a lot of hard work and time spent organizing a month of posts suddenly are arriving!
      I look at my Drafts and they still say MLK, Jr post will be on January 18th but it came to my email. I would like to pull it back but don’t think this will work. . . Oh well!

      • Well, I don’t know what time it came in. But I got like 4, or 5 posts from you today. All in a row. Something is amiss! I know how frustrating it is to schedule posts and then they post like they have a mind of their own!

        I hope it gets straightened out. To make sure it comes out as a new post I would copy and paste it to a new post, and schedule it as a whole new post Robin. I hope it works!

    • Thanks for your thoughts and responding back. My brother talked me into going with the flow and leaving it be. MLK, Jr will be honored by others. I will just be the first not the last to honor him, Colleen. Hugs, Robin

  1. Beautiful haunting verse. Imagine if we all just lay underground watching the world go by, thinking about things that were undone but helpless to do anything about them. That would be hell for me!!

      • Joanne, so sorry, I am having a little melt down. I spent a few days organizing my wordpress and had scheduled only one post daily and all of them are arriving ahead of time. Funny thing is, when I look at my Drafts they are there with appropriate dates on them!

      • Well, some kind of upset words did come out, I like “creative swearing!” šŸ™‚ Thanks so much for you Lol and saying everyone deals with WP issues.
        I called my little brother who turns 57 this year. He was so nice and asked me to send a link to my Labyrinth post, which I mentioned David Bowie in bur the photo was so pretty on November 4, 2015. He said I “will live” and “Don’t make mountains out of molehills,” and it gave me comfort.

    • I figured I could go a little dark on people. Marissa this was for much later this month! Sigh, not sure how all my carefully planned posts are arriving now! šŸ˜¦ (forgive my being a bit depressed.)

    • Marissa, I figured I could go a little dark on a cemetery post. Winter blues for one post. But this and several arriving in a row were NOT planned until later. Today was just heavenly visions. Tomorrow waa going to be kids fun day, etc I even had the Martin Luther King, Jr. post scheduled for January 18th.
      Anyway, thank you for the lovely comment and I like the word, “haunting.” Hugs, Robin

    • Marissa, your answer was to re-enact how it would be if you were buried, in your mind. I loved your going into the ground. This was an extraordinary response. I expect this level of participation all the time. Ha
      Anyway, I know you have a boy and a girl, love chocolate and some of your family members are into vampires? I was going to ask what band is your favorite? I think if WP behaves you will be my focus on January 24th. hugs xo

      • Ha, and if not will it publish today??! But truly Robin, I am so flattered. I can only hope I’m interesting enough. My favorite bands would have to be a toss up between Kiss and Black Sabbath.

    • Anneli, thank you for this complimentary response, dear! I appreciate such kind words.
      Sorry you will get more posts than I had scheduled. My Drafts have them scheduled for one each day. My December got carried away.
      So, I planned them carefully out. One for anniversary of Victor Hugo’s “Hunchback of Notre Dame” book publication and one for Martin Luther King, Jr., etc.
      Much to my dismay they have posted several ahead. I guess it will be like getting a magazine with a variety of things to read. Don’t feel you need to comment all at once. Hugs, Robin

  2. I’m a bit discombobulated Robin – the heading to this post has a date which says Jan 19. And even here, a day ahead of you it is just early morning January 13. Have you zipped into the future? It kind of fits though with the photographs though ………

    • Pauline, if I could call you I would be crying. I scheduled these for specific dates. I was so proud of the list. I made sure no double posts. I observed that MLK, Jr day was January 18 and that Victor Hugo published his “Hunchback of Notre Dame” on another day. I cannot figure out why wordpress would somehow publish these all at once. I like to send one off at a time, to savor and now they are all jumbled up.
      I told Anneli, let’s just think of it as a magazine that comes with a lot of articles. You may read one each day and comment. This was NOT my plan a nd since I don’t pay for an upgraded wordpress, I will not complain. Just sad. šŸ˜¦

  3. Ooh……….this gave me goose bumps, Robin. Just thinking of people lying there having regrets when it was too late to do anything about them. I think we must resolve to leave no loose ends when it’s our time to go. A very atmospheric image which suits your words perfectly. xx

    • Sylvia, this was a wonderful and special comment, dear. I felt the winter blues atmosphere when I was reviewing this photograph. I must admit this goosebumps effects makes me feel a bit like Stephen King! šŸ™‚
      I really must apologize and ask you not to feel obligated to comment on a “slew” of posts that I had spread out and carefully scheduled for the whole month. It makes me sad since u was feeling good to have started the new year rather ahead of myself and organized. Ha! I guess I can stop feeling superior, Sylvia.

      • Sorry it didn’t all work out as you had planned, Robin. Not to worry though. I’m sure it will all be fine. Can’t you copy all your posts and then trash them and post again on the dates you had intended? I’m not sure if this would work.

    • Oh, you are a sweetheart ā™” and a good call. I did this once and it upset a few people who had already commented on the one post that got out of order.
      ** I think a few have been taken back, by my reminding the “engine” of the proper time and date. Poof! A few went back in hiding. We shall see! šŸ™‚

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