Rosy outlook



“Greet each day as if your life
is just beginning,
and your heart’s desire
will unfold before you.”

~ Flavia,
poet, artist

~ ¤ ~     ~ ¤ ~     ~ ¤ ~

“He who sows courtesy reaps friendship,
He who plants kindness gathers

~ St. Basil the Great,
Greek bishop
(329 – 379 A.D.)

~ ¤  My View. ¤ ~
Rosy colored glasses,
perched on our noses,
keep some of the worst
views painted in tones.

Which although tinged
in colors, may allow our
acceptance and help us
to proceed, spreading
Light and Colors
to others whose lives
are dark and forlorn.

Is it wrong for those
of us to try and see
beauty where there
is grotesque?

Was it wrong when
the Hunchback stayed
back in the shadows,
hoping for someone
to see beyond his surface?

Photograph by reocochran,
quotes found in a calendar.

Poetic thoughts given a nod
by Robin, to the novel,
“Hunchback of Notre Dame,”
written by Victor Hugo,
Gothic novel,
January 14, 1831.

Do you think rosy
colored glasses
should be kept
on or off?
is fine.


22 responses »

  1. Great picture for words that follow.
    I prefer to see the world through rose-coloured glasses … at least until I get a rude reality check.

    The world is full of ugly and most of it I can do little or nothing about. I prefer not to get dragged down into the doom and gloom. It makes the spirit bitter and angry and I don’t want to be that person.

    • You did some thinking about this question which makes me thankful I asked! I dislike intentional negative attitudes, Joanne. My kids and grandkids need to get disciplined to “tune out” the naysayers. They will do much better since no one really wants to hear negative things all the time. Smiles, Robin

      • I second that one. My husband is a news junkie and needless to say the message is always bad and he wears it constantly. It drives me crazy sometimes!

    • Joanne, we agree on seeing the good in the world. ♡ I like children to not have to be in the middle of hard times or troubles.
      Well, reality is sometimes needed to be faced head on. Sometimes this is the only way we can get the job done. I have to throw this in, because that is also how we are, helping our neighbors or families out. 🙂

  2. This is something I think about often, especially as a blogger who rose colours most of my posts. So many live in desserts and ugliness. I feel guilty, and self satisfied sometimes. Glad you brought it up.

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