Winter’s inside fun



The M & M girls wanted to
play Olympic gymnastics,
Mommy had to run last
minute holiday errands.

First, they ran upstairs.

Second, I heard some
Rummaging around.

Next, I heard a little
bickering but did
not interfere.

After all while his big
sisters were upstairs,
Hendrix was getting
tickled. There were
giggles between
fingers which
are evidence
of teething.

Down came
the girls,
bathing suits,
closest that
2 little gymnasts
can get in the
“real” world of
their bedroom.

Here are my
son’s three
were at
their Dad’s.

Photo taken
before Christmas,
while Nana was
supervising closely
award winning gymnasts,
☆☆Marley and Makyah☆☆


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    • Carol, thank you so much for commenting. It was such a sweet response! They are exuberant when blankets get spread wall to wall and apparel is “minimal.”
      Funny thing, I was scheduling this for later this month. Somehow, the post went out immediately. I feel bad having double posts. I know how hard it is for people to keep up with other blogs.

    • Thanks for the “winner” award! I feel blessed always. My cup runneth over.
      I did not mean to have two posts on one day. I was scheduling it on a set day. I still have it saying later this month, when I look at this post on my drafts list. I really appreciate your thoughtful comment, Mike. Someone said Hendrix is so serious and this looks a little more like his carefree baby face. 🙂

    • Marissa, I wasn’t planning this yo show up today. I went to change something in the post and pressed “schedule” which usually goes with previous, pre-planned time. Oops! I am not one who wants to double up unless it is a Thursday’s Doors different angles or close up and distance. . . Thank you for the comment. You know I would love you if you didn’t feel like commenting, Marissa! 🙂

      • I’ve published things by accident as well but actually never knew there was a way to schedule when blogs are published. I’ll have to teach myself how to use that function. An adorable post either way!

      • Press where “Immediately” comes up and a calendar shows ip. You choose a date and then a time.Don’t leave until you go to right hand corner and press, “Schedule.” My recent problem started by my trying to add something as nd then it was like a roller coaster gone crazy. 🙂 oh well. You will figure this out but for me who works 9 to 10 hours I need to plan ahead on weekends. I had special days and cemeteries intermixed with less serious stuff. I love your posts, Marissa.

    • Dan, thank you! They are such great kids. I goofed and was changing something on this “scheduled” post in my drafts. When I correct things usually it says “update” but it said “schedule.” Apparently, this jumps back to publish immediately.
      I sure don’t want to go through another crazy month like December when I “over-posted!” Lol

    • Thank you, Beth. I have had a major weird thing happen, several pre-planned posts just all published. WordPress is usually better and now, I am upset because it went ahead to MLK, Jr. Day too! 😦

    • Colleen, like that sweet granddaughter of yours said the simple day you all had together was “The Best Day Ever!”(maybe in different words but what a nice and touching comment to make. Kids are blessings.

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