Foggy spirits float over cemetery



In the play,”Richard III,”

William Shakespeare
explains about the emotions and
details of death and practicality:

“Let’s talk of graves, of worms,

and epitaphs;  Make dust our

paper and with rainy eyes,

write sorrow on the bosom

of the earth.  Let’s choose

executors and talk of wills.”


The misty, foggy morning

just seemed to speak of

long lost, loved ones

and restless souls

to this observer.

Photo by Robin,
Thoughts trailing off. . .
by, reocochran.


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  1. There is something about fog that I really like. It softens all the edges of the world.
    … but the line “write sorrow on the bosom of the earth” does stamp a different feeling on the photo – ancient sadness.

  2. I love your thoughts here. Weather is so strongly associated with certain images and feelings and you captured a beautiful illustration of that with your photo. I would imagine that same location is covered in snow right now! Hope all is well, Robin. xo

    • Thank you, Kelly. You are probably right about frost or sheer cold. We have lost our snow, but single digit temps have not produced much snow. One sunny day took it away. Thanks for asking, I sm wishing it were the weekend! Hope you are well, too.
      I appreciate how you liked the photo and mentioned weather does associate with images. When I took these, I held on to them until happy holidays were over. I am not depressed but am a little less energetic during the colder days. Are you still running? 🙂

      • Hi Robin! I run every day unless I’m sick. It’s kind of an addiction! I know what you mean about lower energy. It’s like we go into hibernation mode – which we actually do, because of less light. I have lower energy days all the time, and my share of ups and downs, trust me!

    • At least you get a runners “high,” Kelly! A little extra endorphins helps me, too. I work fairly quickly in my warehouse. I keep my fans turned off in my area, to work up a sweat. This also makes me want to be a couch potato in winter. Somehow driving home in sunshine gets me revitalized in the summer.
      By the way, my youngest brother runs every day and still makes it all the way through a marathon once every season. Not me!

      • The sun makes a big difference, doesn’t it? I ran a 10K and placed in it a few years ago. Have no desire to run a marathon. I’ve done many 5Ks and am just bored with them now. My best friends and I always do Race for the Cure every year, though.:)

    • Nia, this was a sweet comment since you noticed the quote and my own words, too. I think sometimes there are people who enjoy the post and I think there may be a couple of readers who look at the photo alone. You take the whole thing in! Thank you. 🙂

  3. Interesting, Robin. I love cemeteries strictly for their history – reading the stone inscriptions in old graveyards is so interesting to me. I once worked cutting grass at a cemetery in Maine, and enjoyed the peace and quiet of the residents 😉 Cheers!

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