Are you stuck? Out on a limb?




Some situations are sticky,
Hard to get out of them.

Some places are challenging,
Cliffs, caves and tight spaces.

Sometimes relationships
Feel nearly impossible
to end, wrap up or fix.

Are you stuck?
Out on a limb?
Out on the edge?

~ photo by reocochran,
sincere concern
expressed by

●     ●     ●     ●     ●

There is a poster,
college dorm walls

It said:
“When you feel you are
at the end of your rope,
Tie a knot in it.”


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    • That is a nice memory, Dan. “Hang in there baby” was a common poster to see, too. 🙂
      I did check back on this kitty. She made it down, but the meows were so forlorn, Dan. It made me worry. My grandsons watched out their window to make sure.

    • Jill, this was outside my grandsons’ (and daughter’s) apartment. You can bet they kept looking out their window or storm door. I was leaving when she was stuck up there. They had Carrie text me the minute “Patches” (out nickname) got down.
      So happy to report she suddenly figured out how to get down!

    • Marissa, this is cool that you liked the branches! It took her over an hour to get down from the tree, my grandsons were so worried. We nicknamed her “Patches.” Carrie got home from work (last Sunday) and I went home, then the boys had her text me: “The cat got down.” 🙂

    • Nia, you are so sweet! I look at this and say, “Aww-w!” ♡ still a week later. This was during my last hour of watching my grandsons on Sunday. We happened to be playing the Game of Life. No tv or music, I could hear pitiful meowing. It is a really cute girl cat. The boys labeled her “Patches” but don’t know the owner. Yes, she didn’t get diwn, dear. 🙂

  1. Omgosh, poor kitty. Well, what goes up must come down. Enjoyed your poem and the dorm diddy at the end. I’ve been out on a limb several times in my day, it never ends as badly as you anticipate really. So I try and remember that if things become, ‘less sturdy’.

    I know words to part of this country song, they sing, “like a tree, out in the back yard, who’s branches are never broken by the wind, our love, will last forever, as long as we are strong enough to bend. I thought it clever because I too believe that good relationships are made up of people who are strong enough to bend. If neither are, it will soon be broken. But hey! I’m no expert 😀

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