Weeping Willow: “not a clean shot”



“Weeping willow’s most content
when singing it’s song of
being heavy and bent.

When the wind whips it’s branches
and leaves fall in dance
when weeping willow
is ever romanced.

And as the moon’s whispers
lightly, a nightly chill sets in
and the weeping willow
smiles in the darkness

~ Written by Colleen Ruiz.

Tonight is called~
Full Wolf Moon,
Native Americans
named all the moons.

The brilliant sky and the weeping
willow caught me and kept me
under a spell. I hope the wires
and messy shot will still have
its impact and leave a mark.

This post has a Rock and Roll
Poetry Writer Supreme who
may like the music but
here are her favorites,

> KISS band group <

● Black Sabbath group ●

The title to this post led me
to leave this song,

"Hit Me With Your Best Shot,"
By Pat Benatar.

This is a "shout out" to a
creative friend who is like
having the coolest kid in
school like you. Marissa
is a person you may "be
yourself" with, along with
her being a witty, hysterical
poet and fellow blogger at:


Photograph taken, not
enhanced, by Robin O. Cochran


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  1. Weeping Willows are a favorite of mine – beautiful photo. Can you check the dates showing on your posts because I’m seeing this post as being published on January 24, 2016. I don’t know if it could be a viewing issue on my part. Have a good Wednesday. πŸ™‚

    • Judy, wordpress went bizarre and I just hope it stops. It is pulling my posts our and publishing them way ahead of my scheduled dates. I don’t write “posted on . . .” WordPress is an entity and engine I have never had this happen more than one time in for years. Believe me, I literally cried last night. I spent two whole days, 24 hours writing a month of posts. Chose date and time, this is not how I planned this.

      • I thought that was probably what happened, and that’s a lot of work down the drain for you. I’m sorry. I had posted about emails I get on comments not linking back to the comment and all of a sudden it is back to working. I don’t know if all these things have to do with their constant updates but it is frustrating.

    • Judy, thank you for your sympathy. I feel much better but took a night off, my youngest daughter and I rented two comedies that got me relaxed. πŸ™‚ Now, rejuvenated and hoping to catch up with everyone, here on wordpress and a few friends, too.

  2. There is just something about a full moon – especially on a cold winter’s night when the light reflects softly off the snow.
    Unfortunately we aren’t seeing any moon lately with heavy overcast skies.

    • Joanne, I wish we could see the moon, I agree. The sun poked out two days this week so I have hope for warmer than single digits.
      Can you believe my blog still is acting up? It is bizarre! Out of control; like the “machines” are taking over.
      Hope you are heading into a wonderful weekend! πŸ™‚

      • It’s my laptop I’m having trouble with. I’m resisting the urge to throw it all the wall!

        Hope your weekend is looking good too πŸ™‚

    • Happy Wolf Moon to you, too! Diana, isn’t this weird that I scheduled this and it posted using the date it was supposed to comevout? Eventually WP will take every one of my really rough drafts and publish them.

    • I had time after Christmas while my grandchildren I had planned to visit and take home were sick. I just looked through my gallery of photos and assigned each picture to a date. Victor Hugo’s book, “Hunchback of Notre Dame” came out over 100 years ago on January 14 and MLK, Jr. remind me of strength with gentleness and warmth. My warm sky photo seemed good. . . You wrote a book and are still writing fantastic posts and other books. Easy to figure out a blog, not so easy to get the other done, Diana. πŸ™‚
      I appreciate the beautiful snd floating way willow tree branches DO appear “gauzy!”

  3. Oh Robin, thanks so much for the shout out. I’m touched. When I saw you added in Iron Maiden I was thinking ‘wait a minute…is she talking about me…couldn’t be…” but sure enough, there was my name. And honestly, it couldn’t have been accompanied by a more beautiful photograph!

    • Thank you, Pauline for understanding my frustration! I don’t know exactly know how you STOP them from arriving when I scheduled them neatly; only one every day or every other day. I am glad I only “belong” to the doors posts so no one can “kick me out!” πŸ™‚ big hugs for listening!
      Why do you think WP would just start doing this? I open my Drafts and they still say other dates, ones I planned on their arrival. I am going to let it go. Like when computer crashes and people’s photos disappear. This isn’t that bad, I suppose.

      • I think it is really odd too Robin- especially since WP are publishing with the dates you have specified printed on them. Perhaps it is a glitch generally and lots of bloggers are foaming at the mouth!

        It’s always a relief to have a little vent isn’t it πŸ™‚ You are correct however – in the big scheme of things it really isn’t that awful! πŸ™‚ I hope it sorts itself out soon for you!

    • I appreciate your bring there, really listening to my “vent!” I am not sure if you have ever complained on your blog, Pauline? Do you mind “mentions” without pressure to accept award nominations?

  4. The first thing that came to mind when I viewed the weeping willow photo was that it looked like it belonged in a Tim Burton movie. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow comes to mind. – Mike

    • This is so cool, since I told Marissa just yesterday her poem about “Girl on a Bus” should have Johnny Depp snd Christina Ricci in it and/or a short story book. Same wave length!
      Hey, did you notice WP is pulling my scheduled posts and publishing them ahead of time? It took a lot of work, planning and scheduling! Mike, it is even going so far as to put the correct date, saying this post “Posted on January 24, 2016” up at top of page. This was in my scheduled drafts and I had just asked Marissa her favorite band and was going to put a few fun details here I have learned from reading her blog before the 24th. It sent my MLK, Jr. post before his national holiday. 😦
      If you have a suggestion, let me know. I was commenting yesterday when the “Debacle” occurred that maybe dead people and talking about Voodoo Queen ruined my month’s worth of spread out posts. I am letting it go, but also wish for answers. Closure, Mike. Hugs, Robin

      • I did notice you generated a flood of posts, and I figured it was a WP scheduling glitch. I do not have any suggestions on how to fix. I suspect WP support is getting bombarded with similar concerns from other bloggers.

  5. Hi Robin,

    That picture is superb, really outstanding! I have always wondered why willows weep so much! I also wonder ow time is racing so fast! It is already 24th here!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • Balroop, you are so observant to notice this, my friend! πŸ™‚ I took a night off and let the WP “machine” publish as it was out of control! 😦 my youngest daughter came up, we rented two comedies, are chocolate and she slept over. I had to work but now, will try to give all sweet people a reply. Thank you for being here, β™‘ have a great weekend!

    • Diahann, this was a perfect response, exactly how I envisioned someone who would become captivated by this lovely poet, Colleen Ruiz wrote.
      You put the way I feel about Marissa’s tendency to “be” herself with the beauty of a weeping willow who is happy to be. Wonderful way to see this! πŸ™‚

    • Jonathan, thank you for your fun and creative titles. I stopped by and liked several of your own original posts. You are quite prodigious! πŸ™‚ maybe productive is better word. . .

  6. I think you’re too hard on yourself. First, the photo is perfect – evocative and sleepy yet like a tiger, crouching, waiting for …? Sunshine and spring and the time to blossom into beauty?
    Sorry about the date upheaval. Yes, I saw the date and, since time always gets away from me, worried that I’d just missed a week in my life! So I’m actually quite relieved that it was a Word Press problem, not mine. πŸ™‚ Love the poems too.

    • Pamela, thank you for letting me know about the sky which was such a creative view once “I got inside your head!” The black stripes of barren beaches against the orange setting sun does remind me of a crouching tiger. You are amazing to have captured this. Way to add a new dimension to the photograph, too. Hugs, Robin
      Also, a good way to “ground” me and keep me from boiling over like a tea kettle. I had a night off from WP and enjoyed an “indie” movie, “Infinitely Polar Bear” and hilarious Peter Bogdanovich film, “She’s Funny That Way.” Almost like Shakespeare’s “Comedy of Errors” with a little naughty thrown in.
      Youngest daughter came up to sleep over, 5 hours and I set off to work and she headed to yoga class. Smiles, Robin

  7. I think it is a wonderful shot..the golden hues of the sun in the background, the barren branches. I love willow trees. I remember running into the center of those arching willows in the summer when they were all filled out. It is weird now, because I never see any in my part of the world. That’s a great poem too,and of course everything is enhanced with a little rock’n roll!

    • Lana, so glad you were fortunate to be able to run through the branches of a willow tree. I liked the way they drooped and made a sort of playhouse under the cover of the dense branches. I think the tree would probably “weep” due to happiness for being noticed. Or cry when their young children would go inside ti sleep. The branches seem to embrace you. I liked when it grew dusk to play with my brothers and neighbors, it was fun hiding behind the branches. Sorry, you don’t see any where you live now.
      I am grateful for your rembering our rock n roll friend was part of my focus! πŸ™‚

      • Willow trees are amazing. Marissa is great fun! My significant other is a rock’n roll musician too. He is about to leave to California to play shows. He also has that biting sense of humor and tons of musical knowledge. We are big music people too, but he only writes songs and not blogs.

    • Nia, the last section of my post is like a “stream of consciousness.”
      It has three parts. My friends blog is called “rock and roll super star mom.”
      1. Marissa likes two groups named Kiss and Black Sabbath.
      2. I liked the idea of the tree but my Mom said it was “not a clean shot.”
      3. The way my mind went from the title was to “hear” Pat Benatar singing, “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.”
      Funny, if you read this fast it is really confusing. Sorry, Nia. β™‘

      • Not a problem, now it makes sense. And Pat Benatar is awesome, so bonus. πŸ™‚ I am not always the best when it comes to song and artist pairings. Just a quirk I guess?

    • Oh, my Mom just was being honest and not meaning to be hurtful. As soon as she said it, I could not figure out how to clear all the wires out. Thank you, Rob for your opinion. Hugs, Robin

      • I’m glad to hear that…If you want to clear out the twigs there are several ways to do it depending on the program you use….

        You can use and ‘object remover’ to clear them out or you can use a clone brush and do it a few pixels at a time…for the thin twigs you can also smudge them out and for others you can use a warp brush…

        The nice thing about digital photography is that you always have the original which means that as you acquire more skill you can revise the image or even process a different version of it…

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