An honor bestowed upon me, passed on to the men this time. . .




My friend, Carol Balawyder,
was justifiably given
the Champions Award
by author, DG Kaye.

Carol chose five nominees
to receive this special award.

Thank you so much
for giving me my own
nomination for this
special award.

Please check out Carol’s
blog, if you perhaps did
not see her on my list of~

Fellow bloggers who
are published authors.
Carol has an amazing
collection of books
which were listed
on my post.

Here is Carol’s blog address:

There are simple rules to follow. . .

1. Be sure to post the award symbol,
using the #Champions Awards
(which originated by Seumas Gallagher/
smorgasbord/variety is the spice of life)

2. Acknowledge the sponsor of your
Award and thank them.

3. Choose at least 5 of your own
nominees and remind them of the
five guidelines.

4. Keep it simple~ no need for
explanations for the awards~
We know how great
these folks are.

5. You are free to give
these Awards as
as you

I thought that a dozen
doughnuts would help
my readers to get
through this post
without being

a cup
of joe!

Here is my list of men who
are kind and interesting:

1.  Alex,

2.  Mike,

3.  Dan,

4.  Juan,

5. Robert M. Goldstein,

6. Vinnie H.,

7. Derrick,

8. Evil Squirrel,

9. Simono,

10. Norm,

11. Seth & Matt + (Jay is female)

12. Harbin

This was not in any particular
order but was intended to
honor those men who
sometimes listen to
my life and they are
in touch with their
“softer side of Life.”


36 responses »

  1. Thank you for the honour, Robin, especially for the reason given. I am pleased you thought of me, but I can’t really do justice to the requirements of awards. I am sure you will understand

  2. Congratulations for the well-deserved recognition, Robin. And thank you for the mention. I know you want to see me write more. I’ll take this as the well-intentioned kick-in-the-butt, and maybe post another story or two…soon. – Mike

  3. First off, congratulations Robin! Second, I struggle with awards, but I will have the donuts and the coffee and I will think nice thoughts of you as I eat/drink. How’s that ?

    • That is just fine with me, Dan, I just write these up hoping more visitors arrive in all the different places. I could use a donut but will have a cup of coffee after I finish at the library. I ran out of cell phone data! So, now forced to be in the community computer room. I did this for a few years but have been spoiled with blogging from home on cell. I could have had free wi-fi at Starbucks! ha ha! Have a pleasant and relaxing evening. I watch NCIS and NCIS, New Orleans. I heard “Tony” is quitting NCIS. . . that is all the news from here. 🙂

    • Thank you again for the Champions Award Trophy and nomination, dear Carol! As long as I passed the proficiency and accuracy part of the awards, I am very happy! Glad you like my style, since I like yours, too. Smiles, Robin

    • Well, thank you Marissa! I really wanted to use a photograph of something like the Clydesdales (horses) at the Delaware County Fair for my Champions Post, but I decided to follow the rules this time! ha ha ha! 😀

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