Winter’s View of Labyrinth with M & M girls



Round and round
They ran around campus,
Chasing each other,
Trying to hide while
there was no foliage
nor underbrush to
escape Nana’s
eagle eyes.

The Labyrinth has special
place on OWU campus.

My grandsons were
there, one of the 1st
days feet were
to trace
the paths.

I took a photograph
of the Labyrinth
in the Autumn,
when leaves
were golden.

The post has a
Tribute to my
#11 but I

I will go back
to tag it, just
in case you
wish to see
a zen-like

Photo taken
on a Winter’s
day, Marley
& Makyah,
by Nana.

The Labyrinth
looks more
with paths
more distinct
with melted snow
enhancing the bricks.


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  1. Living beside a university and the lawns and trees are well kept, shoveled if it snows. I love having a place to take them! They have a choice of 3 bridges to cross. πŸ™‚

    • You are welcome, Dan. I am more often capturing the girls since DIL is happy when I include them. Oldest daughter isn’t as likely to say, “okay.” I understand both points of view.
      I used to love running from am to pm! πŸ™‚

    • Diana, you may have already seen the golden trees in the fall with this labyrinth. The link is below the Likes and I wrote a poetic verse or poem on it being Zen-like. Sometime, check it out. . . πŸ™‚

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