Makyah visualizes underwater scenery



Typical 4 year old preschooler,
Makyah starts her letters,
There’s an “M”
Now a “Y”

Hmmm. . .

Small wail,

Not an adult-
sounding ~

Just a little
“Nana, I ran
out of room!”

“We all do this,
Kyah! Can’t help
it if we start in
the middle of
the paper. . .
Everyone runs
out of room.”

Marley looked
over at her
little sister’s
and wisely
imitated her
Nana’s style:
(as she even
included a
to me
the time!”

πŸ™‚  πŸ™‚  πŸ™‚

Makyah had
a much clearer
of what she
was painting.

In her 4 1/2 year old
description, Kyah

“Here the water is
wavy, here’s the
girl fish who is
smart and doesn’t
swim upside down
like Dory.”

(Referring to the
children’s animated
film, “Finding Nemo.”
** Did you know the
sequel will be called,
“Finding Dory?” **)

This painting session
was led by the children
who were asking to
make their Mommy
and Daddy paintings.

My painting was of
painting the edge
of my right hand,

.  .  .  fisted. .  .  .

covering the pinky
finger which looks
like half a heart.

I used white acrylic
paint with some
streaks of burgundy
in it creating~

Half a Heart

Next you paint
the other edge
of your left hand
with white and
blotches of
1/2 of
x o

When I taught
school we were
big Peace 70’s

Our mantra,

“Make Love
Not War.”

What better
way to make
a painted
heart than
to ball your
fist and turn
it on its side
to create a
like a


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  1. I think perspective is the biggest challenge for kids. My children are constantly starting on the edge or middle of the page whenever they shouldn’t and drawing giant people with tiny trees, etc. This one looks terrific though!

  2. Like a few words from the Creator…and life springs up! The artist in a child lovingly draws shapes—which sring to life as recognizeable fish and weeds and imaginative play. A few words in the mind of a writer becone the joy of poets, story tellers and novels. It is just a drawing by a grandchild…but hidden springs of delight are already evident. She did well—so did you!

    • Nia, I am glad you see the water and waves. I had no part in either of these art paintings! I was happily making hearts with my hands. Thank you for feeling she did this well. She was very serious while doing this! πŸ™‚

  3. Love this! 4 year-olds are the terrific. Best of all, their approach and vision of Peace reflects what they are for. Ours in the 70’s often was about what we were against. They are on the right road.

    • I appreciate your being part of the 70’s with me. You have a good point about our young perspective and hope we will find Peace with this new generation. They give me Hope. Hugs, Robin β™‘

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