Images of layers of trees



The trunk of the tree became
the focal point, accidentally,
in this pastel hued background.


Surprise joy
found from
a mistake,
in this case
unable to
this effect.

^ / × / ^

With snow blowing across
the trees, there were tiny
slivers or frozen crystals
catching and reflecting
the light from the sky.

Photograph hazy but
to me, interesting,
like seeing an
out of focus
movie and

Taken on early
evening, teen
digit number

I literally
fell into
a snow


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    • I was backing up and fell into a snow pile. I looked around to see if anyone saw this awkward move and had to laugh about it! 🙂 Thanks, Mike for admiring and understanding why going outdoors is a fun and healthy choice for exercise! 🙂

  1. As much as I don’t care for snow, I too love the look of snow crystals floating in the air as they sparkle in the sun. I tend to think of those as ‘freeze-frame moments’ when time seems to stand still 🙂
    … and then because I’m not paying attention to where I’m walking, I slip and fall in the snow 😉

    • Joanne, not you, too !! 🙂 I have to admit no matter how old I grow, I still looked around to “check” and see if anyone noticed my fall!
      I simply adore this idea of “freeze frame moments.” I like that you have experienced this and can see how it wrapped up into a real (serendipitous) gift of a moment. Those sparkling crystals are wondrous!

    • I used to drive 45 minutes by myself! I know a slight fear of sliding off the road, black ice and snow falling so bad it was a “white out.” Beth, I agree, snow is fine as long as not driving! 🙂

  2. I am a big fan of snow and falling into a pile sounds lovely, right about now. Beautiful photo and poem, Robin. You manage to convey an entire scene in so few, vivid words.

    • Beth, thank you for your saying I was able to convey my thoughts in a concise way. ♡ This warmed my heart! I am sure you may have read several of my older posts of 1,000 words or more. My daughter predicted adding photos and simpler expressions of my thoughts would help with readers. I mainly decided to enjoy blogging and not worry so much about research and “perfect writing.” Smiles, Robin

  3. Hi Robin. I love snow on trees. And hazy sights.

    As an aside…for some reason WordPress isn’t letting me see a lot of posts from my phone. For you and many other bloggers. I can read them in email but if I click on it it says it’s unavailable.

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