Second Unfocused Beauty



White frosted
branches seem
“decked out,”
only a couple
weeks behind
holiday season.

Some parallel and
others, angled askew.
Broken promises of
happy times expected.

Peach pastel colors
with nothing focused.
Dreamy yet disquieting,
all emotions played out.

The scenery left me
enthralled, mistaken.

Tried to figure out
once fingers unfroze.

Was it my mitten
which just could
not focus the
lens quite


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    • Thank you, V. This was a wonderful comment implying similarity to impressionism. Hope you had a bright and sunny weekend. Mine was almost too busy and not enough sleep. Hugs, Robin β™‘

    • I am glad you liked it anyway, Marissa. It was strange how I could not delete it! πŸ™‚ Somehow the blurry parts matched my mood. Oh, by the way, my artist brother and I went out and I had 3 drinks in the course of 5 hours. A Vintage cover band (spelled “Vinntage”) played tribute to many of the more popular bands Lynryd Skynyrd, Eagles (dhout out to Glen Frey) “Rebel Yell” (shout out to Bowie) and rock n roll with some Moody Blues thrown in. Randy snd I stumbled on home and I got up at 530 sm to go watch oldest daughter’s boys while Randy slept in. He has a local painting “gig” coming up next week. He came down to meet the folks (clients) and get his deposit and make reservations at a local hotel for 14 nights. Thank goodness, since I would not be able to work at warehouse after hanging out with him every night! πŸ™‚ Take care and have a great Monday, Marissa.

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