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Balcony Cloud View



The continuation of the

beautiful clear azure sky,

puffy and creamy clouds

reflected into windows.

The little “puffs” look

like Native American

smoke signals.

The purple strip with

bright pink edge reminds

me of layered distant

hills and plains.

photo by reocochran,

taken February 6, 2016.

imaginings by Robin.

Sunbeam brightens a blustery day!



Hard time trying to choose
from collection of photos.

Golden ray of sunshine on
a day only reaching the teens
in temperature  (farenheit )

The photograph was taken
on blustery, bitter cold
late afternoon,
sun about
to set.

My friend, Jenny Pellett,
writes a smart blog called,
“Characters from the Kitchen,”
a few days ago posted a
story about one of my
ancestors with such
great research and
actually going to
the art museum
in London to
see Calder

Please check the post
with the genius title,

“The Wonderfully Whacky
World of the Upwardly Mobile” at:

Enjoy the creative mobiles
and Alexander Calder’s
early objects and
wire sculptures.

Thank you, sincerely, Jenny!

Child’s Hand Print upon Sky



The palm of the hand
with 4 fingers shown,
as the fifth finger,
the thumb is
not showing
as it floats

Pink Champagne-

Looking up
brings so

Floating dreams.

◇ ¤ ◇ ¤ ◇ ¤ ◇

taken and
for shape
and less

has always
me Joy.

~ Robin

Little Red Marley in Her “Wigwam”



Daddy took Marley

into the woods.

Working together

to build a “house of

branches, leaves with

a few vines and sticks.”

Marley looks like she

is opening her “door,”

saying these friendly words:

“Welcome to my humble home.”

This is a monthly activity

where one of five children

is chosen for a fun and

individualized period

of priceless time.

When talking excitedly,

words like “Indian teepee,”

“wild child nature hut,”

“Natural lean-to,”

and “wigwam”

were mentioned by

Daddy and his oldest girl.

/ / / / /  ^  \ \ \ \ \

Nana asked Marley,

“Did you leave a trail

of bread crumbs to

find your way home?”

○ ● ○ ● ○ ● ○ ● ○ ●

photo by my son
James M. sent to
me for keeping
record of the
January, 2016.

Thursday’s Doors ~ Branch Rickey sculpture



The great man who discovered
and sponsored Jackie Robinson
was a subject of a movie,
“42” and with Delaware
being a place Branch
coached and taught,
seems appropriate
to take a photo
of his head

The movie, “42”
came out in 2013.

The famous event occurred

in 1946, when the manager

for the Brooklyn Dodgers,

Branch Rickey signed the

late baseball great,

Jackie Robinson.

This was known as

“Breaking the color lines.”

The film is outstanding

with not only sports,

challenges and prejudice

depicted but a fantastic,

warm love story between

~ Rachel and Jackie ~

who married 1946,

the year this event happened.

This sculpture may

be found inside the

Branch Rickey building,

OWU campus where

Rickey finished his career

Coaching and teaching

sportsmanship to students.

This is part of what is called

” Thursday’s Doors” post,

featuring the doors and

what was behind my door

today. The weekly doors

posts are hosted by

Norm Frampton.

If you head over to Norm’s post,

you will find a wide variety of

doors which include interesting

locations and features found at:

* * * * * * * * * *

photo by reocochran,
notes on movie, “42”
and both Branch Rickey
and Jackie Robinson
by Robin O. Cochran.

Thursday’s Doors ~ Old athletic building door



The doorway arch made of

blue limestone is weathered

and has the patterns found

among many original OWU

campus buildings.


Double doors,

Tan outside,

Red inside.

Branch Rickey was

in my mind a label

for a building with

an educational branch.

Little did I realize that it

was about a real man,

a famous coach,

athlete in his youth

and physical education

professor at OWU.

History revealed itself,

when the movie grand

opening, with famous

guests arriving.

Family members of

both Branch Rickey

and his own discovery,

baseball player,

Jackie Robinson.

This shining light from

the past happened a few

years ago, but with my younger

brother, I was illuminated again.

He was from out of town visiting,

we walked around campus in

the dark taking photographs

and talking about segregation,

prejudice and angry vitriol in

our country and national politics.

Makes us both think out loud,

Lyrics from Pete Seeger’s 1955

first edition of a peace folk song,

“Where Have All the Flowers Gone?”

The stanza which stands out,

just as powerful as when it

came out on a 45 record in 1962,

“When will they ever learn?”

This door is a part of a weekly

program called, “Thursday’s Doors”

initiated by Norm Frampton.

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welcome to their links found:

~  °  ~  ~  °   ~

Photo of door,
athletic building
campus of
Ohio Wesleyan University.

~ •• ~ •• ~ •• ~

Thoughts about the
meaning of brotherhood,
found sometimes in Life,
athletics and needing a
new peaceful revolution,
shared between Robin
and brother, Richard.

Country Roads ~ Indian Summer



My newest friend I have met along

the way on my blogging path,

is a fourth generation farm girl

named Tonya.

She is from the Southern part of

the United States, has lambs,

sheep and chickens.

Did any of you remember my post

about my babysitter in Sandusky,

Ohio who had baby lambs in

her kitchen where we fed

them bottles of milk?

On the side column of

tags, I have

bottles and lambs. . .

♡  ¤  ♡  ¤  ♡  ¤  ♡

Her winter photographs,

sharing her farm animals,

fresh food preparations,

visits to Scotland and home

in England are captured in

her photographs.

Tonya nominated me for

The rather new award

which is called the,

“Miranda  Sings Award.”

The logo wasn’t posted on

her blog. Where you may find it

is on Ritu’s, her “gifter” of this,

found at this location:

There are rules about

sharing and thanking,

you may look over at

Tonya’s blog for:

Please check her out

and here is a short list

of nominations hopefully

new to you, as they are to me:

1. Sarah Ferguson, who has fun
and meaningful posts which
include Choppy her dog and her cat:

2. You may wish to check the next
post out which has a fantastic list
of places accepting poetry entries:

3. Osyth wrote a recent meaningful
post about Trees. You know that
nature is one of my favorite subjects!
I especially liked her including the
“Lorax” which is part of Dr. Seuss’
many lessons on life.
♡ Environmental issues with
children’s open ears and minds.

4. Holly writes poetry which includes
many lovely subjects and themes.
She is not new but her friend just
created a new flip book/magazine
including (I believe) 83 entries.
Please check this blog out:

5. Lina, who has been faithfully reading
my non-food blog has nice whole
wheat deep fried coconut pies
displayed in mouth-watering
photograph found at:

As I stop to reflect why
I blog and try to keep
up with many friends
more proficient
than I,
I feel

All of you bring music
to my soul, sharing
all types of blogs,
lifting my spirits.

You ALL deserve
to include this
“Miranda Sings
Award” nomination.
Please go ahead, let
others know where
it came from ~

Ritu who gave
it to Tonya,

who gave it to me,
while I write five
names down,
I am offering
this badge
and award
~ to YOU ~

my all star bunch.

☆ ♡ ☆ ♡ ☆