Thursday’s Doors~ St. Peters Episcopal Church



This red door is typical of
an Episcopal church.

Arch with unique layers
of woodwork framing door.

The thin older bricks of
stone make this one of
the oldest churches in
Delaware, Ohio.

Located on perpendicular
street of Sandusky Street.
(our “Main Street”)
called West Winter Street.

This was the first church
I took my three children
to visit on an early
Fall, 1986
Sunday morning.

I grew up as a member
of Parma Episcopal Church,
baptized as a baby.
Attended Sandusky Episcopal
Church before invited to try,
Huron Episcopal church.

Later, at St. Barnabas Episcopal
Church in Bay Village, Ohio, I
became one of the first girl
acolytes in Cleveland diocese.
Married my “first love” at
St. Barnabas where my
brother and wife are
members and part
of the body of its

I met a nice woman
named Roberta,
her daughter,
is a
of oldest

Two youngest
children, James
and Felicia did
not enjoy serious
church service nor
slim pickings in the
Sunday school service
for Jamie. Felicia cried
in lonely nursery of 3
other sobbing toddlers.

We ended up visiting
two buildings down
the following Sunday at the
First Presbyterian Church.

All the children ran up to
front of the church
sanctuary to sit
on steps while
listening to
the Reverend
Paul Randall
tell a Bible

Norm Frampton hosts
a variety of fellow
bloggers who
display their
of Doors
on the

Please enjoy and stop on by
Thursday’s Doors posts.


About reocochran

I am experiencing crazy and hapless adventures in dating that may interest people over fifty. I am now approaching 62 later this year and enjoy taking photographs, incorporating stories or poetry on my blog. I have many old posts which are informative and written like essays. I have several love stories collected from family and friends. Even strangers spill their stories, since I am a grown version of the girl next door. I have been trying to live a healthy lifestyle with better food selections and active hiking and walking. I have written four children's books and illustrated them. They are not published but a battered women's shelter used one about neglect and abuse for their children's program and a 4H group used my "Kissing a Bunny is like saying a Prayer" as a coloring book. Please comment or respond so I may get a chance to know you. Sincerely, Robin

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    • Thank you, Jill for this “nice job” comment. It was a big deal in those days, I treasured being the one who would assist my Reverend and did the early 7 am church service. Our church where I was in junior high and high school wasn’t as old as the downtown Cleveland diocese and this one in Delaware is one of the prettiest I have seen in the Episcopal churches. They tend to be ‘stark.’ Hugs, Robin
      I am heading to see my Mom this weekend, getting her Valentine’s day goody bags for the servers in her place and decorating for Valentine’s Day her door and shelf by the door. 🙂

  1. It looks like a stairway to heaven, lovely story. Brings back some childhood memories of the little Methodist chapel we attended in the middle of the welsh hills, many years ago!

    • Veronica, thank you for commenting despite my not visiting. I like the sound of your little Methodist chapel where you attended church as a child. The welsh hills would be so special to play and enjoy while growing up, dear!
      I will be catching up before I leave the library. I felt how warm your comment and smile is upon my spirit. Thank you! Hugs to you and yours.

    • You know the color is brighter on a sunny day but the way the stone looked on a gray day captured my interest. I compared a few angles, too. So, thank you for noticing and liking this one, Sylvia! 🙂

    • Dan, thank you for finding my description “delightful” since I sometimes wonder if the followers would just like to see “Simply Doors” posts! 🙂 I will be checking out as many posts while at the library since over the weekend, will have to compete with the Solitaire lady and the nice guy who writes to Greenpeace on the community (single) computer at my Mom’s senior living apt building. I will start my cell phone data up on the 7th and try not to use it all up like I did and have to go to local library, Starbucks and other free wi-fi locations! 🙂

  2. I was told that the red door is the symbol used to let people know that the church mortgage obligation has been fulfilled and the church is operating debt free. Not sure if this tradition is still followed, but I think that’s where it comes from. Of course it’s also quite striking.

    • Sarah, this is intriguing and another way to look at red doors. The Anglican church has a cross with a red banner floating around it, I always thought it was a symbol of Jesus’ Blood and the Cross. I am not an Episcopalian, switching to Presbyterina who people assume they are into predestination. Maybe awhile back they were! I will enjoy if you add this kind of historical reference to things since I do only some research now. I started out my blog, “silly” and then proceeded into love stories, now my youngest daughter gave me an Android 5 phone and I take photos and write what I think about them! Smiles, Robin

      • I don’t know if I often have much to add. My blog is some research and often a lot of silly, but this was a story my grandmother told me. She was United Methodist (which descends from Anglicanism) and it was very important to her that when her little country church finally managed to pay off its mortgage, they paint the door red. She fought for it for years, and they finally did. The United Methodist Church does use a cross and red banner (or cross and flame), which is meant to be a symbol of the Holy Spirit. I just kind of assumed the traditions may have developed similarly since the denominations developed from a shared history. Regardless, it really is a lovely photo!

    • Thank you so much, Beth.
      My youngest brother came to visit last night, I made stew in my crock pot, we took a late night walk to see if all 5 planets were lined up and visible. You really have to see them in the wee hours of the morning to catch all of them. We saw three of five. Saturn and Venus are the last planets visible as the sun rises. Anyway, my Mom’s house sold so we were talking about how to reinvest and other things, we looked at the OWU labyrinth in the dark! 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend, I flew through your fun posts and especially was excited about Baby’s #4 birthday and the Beatrix Potter new story illustrated by Roald Doahl’s artist. Oops, cannot spell!

      • sounds like a great night with your brother, lots of unique experiences. it’s hard making transitions with our parents, and there really are no right answers, we just do the best we can by them. ) thanks for enjoying my posts too )

    • Thank you, Nia. I am glad you mentioned that Philly has red doors on Catholic churches. I think that makes sense to me, too. I like that you thought it was neat that sometimes Episcopalians use red doors, but apparently there may be others, too. 🙂 You are clever with the “sporting doors” comment. That made me smile!!

  3. Interesting, Robin. When my faith journey started up again it was an Episcopal church my mentor attended and so I decided to try it. James and I both liked it, eventually joined it, and went there for several years. Then I stopped going for a while when Nikki when off to college. But I stumbled across the TV coverage of a local Methodist church, and I really liked the pastor. So I started going to it and loved it and its Pastors and members. Nikki was actually married in that church. But then her husband and James who both had been raised in Baptist churches, wanted to try finding one that they liked. I had had a very negative experience with a “hellfire and damnation” message at a couple of them when I was growing up and so I was reluctant to go. But we did and have now joined the First Baptist church of Dallas. The pastor, Dr. Robert Jeffries, has been on several TV shows and I really respect and like him for the most. I still have some issues with the often hard line they take on issues, but at least they are Scripturally based and the pastor gives a good explanation of them. So it seems I’ve tried a lot of churches over the years, and as always there’s never been any that I could fully embrace all of their teachings. But I think it’s important to have a church home and to attend as often as one can. Lately we’ve not gone as much but we always listen to the sermon on the internet which James calls being a bedside Baptist. This is all probably more than you would ever want or need to know, but once I started, I just rambled on until I finished my story. Love and hugs, N 🙂 ❤

    • Natalie, thank you for sharing your faith journey. I believe you and I have much forgiveness and love for differences. We don’t wish to judge. We ended up in a Presbyterian Church due to my children all liking our pastor who sat on the steps to the altar and told them “Come forward to share a Bible story.” He was a gentle and kind minister. I like every faith which is open and loving. I liked how you, Nikki, and James became Baptists, Natalie. ♡

  4. That’s a beautiful story of how lives are entwined in the history of churches. Some children are not as enthusiastic to begin with, I had a little girl tell me this week that going to Sunday School was what she disliked most about Sundays. Wonderful red doors!

    • Thank you for listening to how we started out in this town, Lana. I like the way you could see how our lives were entwined. I met the baby’s pediatrician and two families I babysat came from this Presbyterian church. 🙂

    • This was sad about the little girl not liking her church, Lana. I meant to share that sometimes I have heard of Sunday Schools being rather strict instead of teaching about God through fun activities. The saying, “Draw near to me,” crosses my mind of how the Higher Being wishes us to come. I picture being welcomed with open arms. 🙂

      • It was sad, but she was such a wonderful, light little spirit that I think she was grabbing the essence of church and she will most likely come to appreciate and enjoy it….my opinion, anyway 🙂

  5. That was wonderful to read!! Story of so many years referencing churches!! 🙂
    In most religions a child needs to be baptised as to gain that religion. But in Hinduism if you are born to Hindu parents you are a Hindu.
    But I think baptism should be there ….to bring importance of religion to life…… Not to spread hatred or divide the world but rather to just have an identity and….maybe just make people visit temples.

    • Mithai, thank you for sharing your faith. I think being born to parents who believe in some kind of religion should be able to have their children considered of their faith. I like this philosophy of the Hindu religion.
      We are in agreement that faiths should not divide each other. Not allowing differences to separate us, due to our religions or other surface reasons.
      I ran out of cell phone data while up at my Mom’s and apparently Verizon thinks blogging “takes up” my data. Only if I go to the wordpress site and reply on that website will I at least get part of my blogging completed. Tomorrow, I will go to library after work. Then, I will be able to visit you! 🙂
      Hope your studying is going well and cannot wait to check out your blog to see if you saw those fantastic movies you planned to. . .

      • I too run out of data from my phone…..sometimes its so irritating that I don’t even recharge it lol. Thank god for wifi!!
        And I totally get it, allotting proper time for blog can get a bit difficult hectic amidst the day to day grind…..I hope everything is going fantastic with you and your family and waiting to hear from you soon when you are in relaxed mood 😀 😀

    • Jennie, thank you for your sincerely kind words. I appreciated the compliments. I am so glad you enjoy Thursday’s Doors posts. I was happy Norm let me join while I didn’t even take photographs. I would use words to describe the doors like my pink childhood front door, my best friend’s orange door and my children’s elementary school door. I will be visiting blogs tomorrow. Hope you have a great Sunday night. I will be rooting for the Carolina team. 🙂

  6. To become one of the first girl acolytes must be a great honour for you… 🙂 Loved your description of this beautiful church, I’ve never seen a church door as beautiful as this one! This is one of your best “Thursday Doors” posts, Robin… 🙂

    • Thank you, Maniparna. I liked this first church we visited. I still have a good friend who attends here! 🙂
      It did feel special to arrive before the early first service to prepare the altar, the table without touching the “Sacraments” and carry the long candle lighter. The second service had 2 alcolytes.
      I like the church two doors down on the same street where we have attended, I joined and my youngest daughter was confirmed at the First Presbyterian Church. Hope you had a great weekend, Maniparna. ♡

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