Wine! Because no great story ever started with someone eating a salad



Winter is a time when
a hot “toddy” sounds
so delicious and warming.

Winter is often when
a hot chocolate or
some call, “cocoa”
smells so enticing.

Winter is when I
drink many cups
of coffee or
hot tea.

At the end of the
day, a glass of
wine hits the
taste buds
with such
even if
cranberry juice.


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    • Okay, Juan! While my brother went through things in his life we drank sparuling apple, grape or cranberry juice! Only $4.00 a bottle. . . Tasted special. One more day of waiting to use my new month’s Data, so no visiting blogs tonight.
      I just arrived back from Cleveland visit with Mom. 🙂

    • I am pretty flexible with wine choices so I will toast and join you with a Riesling, April. 🙂 I would be satisfied with coffee or tea, though.
      My visit with Mom was fun, accomplished some things like groceries, lunch out, laundry and cleaning her closet. I filled out and mailed my income tax forms, too. I will be regaining my cell phone data tomorrow, so no visits on blogs. Guess I will pay attention to Super Bowl. Smiles, Robin

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