Thursday’s Doors~ St. Mary’s School, made into German Village home



In the past 3 years, old school

which had to be sold was

purchased by a family.

Interior gutted and

refurbished to

become home.

This door has a

lot going for it,

including the


for the holidays.

Brick work looks

instead like lace.

Details of church

and school with

historical beauty

left intact.

What do you see

which sets it apart?

This Thursday’s Doors

post is part of an ongoing

program hosted by

Norm Frampton.

Check Norm’s blog out,

where you may find

many diverse doors at:

For those who love details:

• built in 1887,

• expanded in 1896,

• arched Gothic entrance,

• was Catholic elementary,
then high school,

• currently owned by
Peggy and Robert Walter,

• three story school used
until 1968,

• 37 spaces parking made into
lawn and gardens,

• 13,250 square feet home now,
making it 2nd largest residence
in Columbus,

This is the close up

of a home located in

German Village, found

in Columbus, Ohio where

photograph was taken by

Robin O. Cochran.


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    • Judy, thanks for liking this home and I do so wish I could lead you to a site on Internet with interior shots shown. This is, by the way, about 2 blocks from where my youngest daughter lives in German Village by Schiller Park. 🙂

    • Beth, so happy you love this. I really am interested in this home and past school. I could not seem to find interior photographs. I would like to see “before” and “after” shots! 🙂

    • It is kind of a landmark and the people, students and teachers tried to “Save the School,” Marissa. I wonder if they close doors and only use part of the house year round? I wonder who cleans this huge house, too!

    • Anneli, so glad you enjoyed this building made into a home. I like the outside but am curious how they transformed this. I would hope it has antiques in it. So intriguing to me. . . 🙂

  1. I like seeing structures like this preserved with a little bit of their important history intact. I like the brickwork and the plaque. We have two schools in a neighboring town that were turned into private residences. One is clearly identified, the other, not so much. I have pictures of both archived for a future “doors” post. Great minds, eh?

    • Great minds, Dan. I know of two smaller schools in Delaware that were made into private homes. I like to see if they kept wooden floors or if in one bedroom they used a student desk and blackboard for decoration. I could not find this lovely building’s interior appearance featured. I think it is cool only 2 blocks from Felicia’s apt. 🙂

    • Jenny, I think this would be beautiful and interesting inside! I don’t think we would be disappointed with this family’s taste and wouldn’t it be cool to see the inside?

    • This is a place we would enjoy looking in every room, Maniparna. I just believe this! 🙂 The school’s memorabilia would be nice to have featured. Since this is 2 blocks from my youngest daughter’s apt building, I may get to see the gardens in back! 🙂

    • Kirt, I had wondered if you had captured German Village in photographs. Now I know how close you have come to where I live and my youngest daughter lives 2 blocks from here. She lives near Schiller Park. 🙂

      • My older brother and his family all live in the northern area of Columbus….haven’t been there in a few years….my sister in laws mother is German and has written a book about her life growing up in Germany before and during ww2…..she had a book signing at a book store in German Village a couple of years ago.

    • Do you live there, so close to my youngest daughter, Felicia? This is so great, across the street from the St. Mary School, Colleen? No, we were coming home from my November birthday day with her. . . I took two photos and kept this one! 🙂

      • No, I don’t live there. But that building is owned by ‘family’. I should say, distant family. It’s across the street that my grandparents lived. We are still tied to German Village. I love that place.

  2. It’s beautiful for sure. It is interesting to see some of these older churches transform into other purposes. I’ve not seen one yet turned into a family home. My beloved has recently remodeled an old church to make it into a community theatre for the new owner.

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