In 1975, my brother painted this for me on blue jean shirt



Just have been holding back,

not wishing to rely upon the

death of special performer,

Glenn Frey

1948 – 2016

My artist brother

graduated from

high school,

June, 1975.

I came home

from first year

away at college.

I wore peach tank top

under this blue jean shirt.

In Fall, 1975~

Randy headed to OSU,

while I returned to BGSU.

Many weekends, either I

would catch a ride down

to Columbus, or he would

hitch – hike his way North.

In any case, the Eagles

were singing on the radio

or on cassette players.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Photo taken by Robin,
the magazine is,
“Rolling Stone,”
February 11, 2016,
written by Glenn Frey’s
friend, author and
Cameron Crowe.

Did you watch the
Grammy’s last night?

Some may have not noticed
Glenn acting in “Jerry Maguire”
taking pleasure in berating
Tom Cruise while portraying,
the general manager of the
Arizona Cardinals,
Dennis Wilburn.

Glenn’s words were put in
“Fast Times at Ridgemont
High,” and “Almost Famous.”

Three screenplays written
by Cameron Crowe.

When Cameron met
the Eagles, it was 1972,
after “Take it Easy.”

“One of These Nights”
was released in 1975.

Many loved
February, 1977,
“Hotel California” album.

What’s your favorite Eagle’s song?


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  1. fantastic, what great memories, robin. i graduated the same year as your brother and remember this time well. glen frey grew up in royal oak, michigan, not too far from me and where one of my daughters lives now. recently, they renamed a road after him there. i always loved the eagles, and especially loved ‘hotel california,’ what an amazing gift from your brother to you, truly an artist.

    • It was a “hobby” at the time, Beth for Randy. I thought you might be a ’75 graduate! 🙂 He started OSU as a future pharmacist. Lol He has painted hieroglyphics on the walls of the Luxor Hotel (pyramid shaped hotel) in Vegas, the ceiling on Majic Johnson’s theatre in Harlem and is the Fatheads’ beer “logo artist” painting their logos on walls of their brewery – restaurants, among fun places like Disney World art. 🙂

    • No, nor who will travel farther from home than others. We may have shared a dream of being stewardesses, Beth. But our choice of working with children “stuck” with us, as well as having family near and dear.♡

    • Colleen, when I had heartbreak, it was “Desperado” and if I was filled with joy, “Take It Easy” and many strange ones like “Hotel California.” Jackson Brown sang with the Eagles on the Grammy’s. It was fun but Lady Gaga did fantastic with David Bowie tribute. 🙂

    • It was definitely a fun gift and it is getting worn once in awhile, if I go to a local musician’s performance. A conversation opener. My walls and shelves are covered with my brother’s art. 5 paintings and 2 glass sculptures. 🙂 Thank you, Cindy.

    • Thank you for the compliment given to brother. I like the beauty and sad words in Lying Eyes. Great song choice, Jill.
      I mentioned to Beth, Randy considered art a “hobby” and headed off to OSU to become a pharmacist! 🙂 Once he got into his third year, he shifted to fine art and I am happy to say he has painted many “major” projects. He did scenes from African American neighborhoods on the ceiling of Majic Johnson’s theatre in Harlem, Disney World, restaurants and he paints the beer logos for Fathead brewery and restaurants in Pittsburg, Seattle and Cleveland. He is working on a project at Blues Creek Farm where he is incorporating history and the Amish culture. 🙂

  2. I find it amazing you still have the jacket after so long ago. What a unique piece of your brother’s talent to have!
    I too graduated from high school in June 1975 and The Eagles were part of the backdrop for my university years. I don’t know how I could pick one song as a favourite above all the others, but the hauntingly beautiful Desperado would rank really high.

    • When I was heart broken in the past, that was my “go to” song, Joanne. It is beautiful and you summed it up well. 🙂 My brother painted Elton John’s “Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road” and many “Yes” covers on friends’ jackets and shirts. A few people had him paint neck ties. He considered it a hobby but now it is his vocation. He has painted major spaces and shown his wooden sculptures, driving them all the way to California in a van pulling a trailer. 🙂

    • This was so sweet of you to say, Marissa. ♡ While in high school, Randy did this for a lot of his friends. I kept this and wear it once in awhile. My daughters both wore it for Halloween “retro” costume. Lol
      The bands’ record covers included, “Yes,” “Jethro Tull,” Elton John’s “Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road,” along with Busch, Budweiser and Southern Comfort labels were popular in H.S. He does big projects but I am most proud of his painting the ceiling for Majic Johnson’s theatre in Harlem.

      • Oh wow, how impressive! He was actually able to make a career out of his art!! My sister and I always used to get the classroom artists to paint the back of our jackets too.

    • It is so interesting and quirky, but I like Hotel California and is in my top 10 of their songs, Dan.
      Homemade gifts are the best. The shirt has had its wear and tear, daughter’s wearing it for “retro” Halloween costume with tie dyed shirts and bandanna over their hair, Felicia waving a “peace” V with her fingers. . . 🙂

    • Thank you! 🙂 Randy is much more mature in his original art work. Someday, I will have to feature one of his larger sculptures. I am blessed with some of his paintings, paper collages and 2 glass sculptures. Smiles, Robin

  3. What a fabulous thing that is …. absolutely covertable. I’m not sure I could possibly name my favourite Eagles song but they remain my favourite band for covering long distances in my car.

    • Osyth, thanks for such a cool comment! 🙂 A blue jean shirt is “convertible” and my daughters, 35 and 30 wore this more than once. Perfect for a “retro” Halloween costume complete with a tie dyed shirt and hand displaying a peace sign! 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Lynn. I know you are younger but everyone has heard the Eagle’s songs, right?
      I do know a coworker who shocked me by saying, “Who is David Bowie and what’s the big deal about his death?” I told her she needs to listen to a few songs. I told her I liked his “Changes” and “Major Tom,” along with my kids liking his songs in Labyrinth.

    • I was mainly a hippie in college wearing long, batik maxi skirts that came from India. I didn’t ever flaunt myself or try to be sexy. I was a “nerd” in getting good grades and pursuing an elementary education. 🙂

      • I’m trying to kid….but I knew a number of my peers doing the same general thing. There was one gal….Patrice–going for Elementary Ed–who I got interested in (no saris, just sweaters and skirts) I think she was more interested in her career than me. Oh Well…!I tayed away from Eastern philosophies…although the clothes were interesting!

    • Thank you for this nice comment. I am sorry I didn’t notice this comment and thought I was following you; so you would appear in my Reader!
      I think my Dad still wished he had chosen the pharmacist position and chosen to do his artwork on the side! My Dad passed away satisfied he was moderately successful in 2001.

      • Hi Robin 🙂 I’m glad your dad lived to see your brother’s early artisan success! ‘Guess parents just want their kids to have a good life, after all… Thanks for keeping connected, but please no worries about missed comments! Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend 😀 ♥ ❤

  4. What a cool shirt!

    Favorite Eagles song…that’s not an easy question. I think it varies depending on my mood. I have stopped in Winslow, Arizona solely to see the corner they have done up in honor of the one verse in Take It Easy (worth a stop if you ever happen to be taking the lonely drive on I-40 across Arizona). So that’s a song that always puts me in the mood to wander. Hotel California is great for when I am in a mellow mood. Life in the Fast Lane is pretty much a one way ticket to a speeding ticket if it comes on while I am driving, so it definitely amps me up.

    • This was one of my favorite comments and you should see the several people I accidentally “left in the dust here,” Sarah.
      I like how you chose three great songs by the Eagles and really explained why you liked them. Hugs, Robin xo to Choppy and his buddy, the cat. 🙂

  5. I love Cameron Crowe films like whoa, and yes, I did recognize Glenn Frey’s face in Jerry McGuire.
    I think Hotel California will always be my favorite Eagles song, not that I don’t love 99% of it, as well as many of his solo songs 🙂

    • Joey, oops! I totally missed several wonderful comments way back in February!
      Thank you for sharing your liking 99% of Eagles, with the great Hotel California being in the top place! 🙂

  6. Robin, that’s a great shirt, your brother is so talented. I’m glad he stuck with’s amazing how many parents discourage kids from doing so. I was also in high school in the late 70s and The Eagles were among my favorites. …I am am quite fond of Hotel California and Victim of Love. Wonderful memories..xo

    • Lana, a group of several people just got discovered in my Eagles groupie comments section! 😉
      Thank you for your positive comment about my brother, along with telling me your favorite songs of Hotel California and Victim of Love. The ones I like for listening to are Hotel California, Desperado and Take It Easy. 🙂

  7. Favorite song of theirs for me is clearly Hotel California.
    On another note, cannot believe you still have the shirt! Anything I tried to keep, save the dress, panties and shoes from my baby days, has disintegrated in the various climes I have lived in! Aloha, Robin!

    • When it is something handmade, I keep it, Bela. Someone recently commented on the Eaglespost which led me here to find a very nice group of Eagles groupies! 😉 Thank you for this thoughtful comment and I agree Hotel California is excellent in many ways! 🙂

    • Robyn, thank you for this lovely Eagles post comment and how you and your brother liked Def Leopard. A great rocking group which I have danced to before! 🙂 They have an amazing playlist which some may be surprised to know they already enjoy them!

    • Mike, this is funny because I thought I responded to this before. (?) Maybe didn’t wait long enough for it to get published! So sorry someone recently commented on this post about Glenn Frey and the Eagles. I came back to find several groupies here. Lol

  8. That is a lively shirt. Wickedly cool as well 🙂
    Hotel California, just is the one for me that I know of off hand. Don Henley had another solo song though that I liked, I think it was In New York Minute. Dark and depressing, and the contrast to that was All She Wants to do is Dance. Always reminds me of the film Real Genius. Classic 🙂

    • Nia, I thought I wrote comments but a recent one on this Eagles post led me back here. Several people didn’t have a response from me! Yikes!
      Anyway, so good to know you liked the shirt as well as a few Eagles songs. Don Henley with his song for Real Genius is memorable! Thank you! ❤

    • Carol, thank you for your awesome comment. I got on this Eagles post and saw several comments I had missed. Yikes!
      I am glad you liked my brother’s album cover art on the shirt! 🙂

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