Train with sad birds



Trains get painted on.


While it doesn’t bother me,

some still consider

this “vandalism.”

Artistic expression by,


who added,

“4 D K”

to signature.

Displaying the artist here,

hopefully won’t get him

or her in trouble.

The bare branches

in background

scratch each other

and lend their shadows

upon train of birds.

The close up will show

details and lack of pupils.

Strange sad birds,

so disappointed

grandies who




Angry Birds

are stuffed animals,

games and decorate

many backpacks

and t-shirts.

Note: copyrighted
and no money
coming to this
blogger for
free advertising.

Photo by Robin
odd, random
also hers.


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  1. I can’t speak for the subject since it doesn’t invoke any feelings in me, but I’m always impressed with *street* art like this. It’s the sheer size of the canvas they’re working with and how the artist can visualize the end result on such a large scale.

    • Joanne, it does,make me think of how they are able to do any straight lines or details in large graffiti works. I like the idea of authorized murals as *street art* but also get intrigued by other designs more than this one. If the kids hadn’t wanted my photographing this one. I may have driven on by. Smiles, Robin Have a great weekend, Joanne.

    • They really do, April. It is almost like those photos of abandoned animals where the sad song plays, “In the arms of an angel. . .” My youngest,speaking grandies kept saying, “Aww, poor little guy.” I wondered how she determined it to be a baby bird since it was so huge! 😀

  2. I actually love street art. My daughter lives in Bristol (UK) home of Banksie and some of the work that he has done and then inspired in others is quite incredible. These birds are so wan – I wonder quietly to self what has upset them so 😦

    • Banksie, a UK street graffiti artist is famous but I should go see some internet examples, Osyth. I am glad you like and find inspiration in street art.
      I agree, what have the birds seen to have such empty eyes and I like the use of “wan,” Osyth. How old is your daughter who lives in Bristol?
      My two daughters are 35 and 30 with a son of 33 inbetween. We used to say he was,a thorn between 2 roses. He would smile since he knew we were teasing him. 🙂

      • That daughter is 23 – she has older sisters of 29 and 25 and a baby sister of 20. I only produced girls – I think any boy brought into my nest would have had no chance at all!!

    • Osyth, I think girls can bring much joy. I have a close relationship with my son, though. He was my “little man” with chores while I was single from his age of 5 to age 14. Lawn care, garbage and chief map holder and front seat navigator. 🙂

      • Sons protect their mothers … for your ‘little man’ the opportunity to be the man came early. I am sure this made him a more rounded and compassionate adult

  3. I’m all for artistic expression and wish these kinds of artists could find some place other than public works to display their art. I’m not a fan of graffiti especially on beautiful old monuments and buildings. But that’s just me. Love, N

    • Thank you and u liked how you called them a whole string of birds. Maybe they were sad about the weather. Blank eyes can also mean “unfeeling,” sort of scary. My grandies felt sorry for them and called them “poor birdies.”

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