Worn painted sad bird



As a person who

likes the cheery

chirps and cheeps,

of birds in morning

I prefer no teary eyed

pictures of these

winged angels or

soaring creatures.

Wonder why artist

created the sad birds?

Sometimes artists use

their hidden fears, angst

and suspicious natures

to portray their inventions.

Blank eyes haunt my mind,

puzzling the emptiness.

=  _  =  _  =  _  =

Any thoughts about

the train pulling a

car full of




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    • ((Hugs)) Hope something cheery happens to you over the weekend, Jen. Seems like you deserve a tree house escape, being one with the birds and nature with deep sleep. Shhh,Jenny is sleeping ♡♡

    • Who knows? I just write what I think and let the “chips fall where they may,” Derrick. I hope to see more cheerful art over the weekend, getting my Spring decorations out and putting snowmen away. We started this a of week ago.
      Your spring flowers in photos were grand a few days ago.

  1. The sad birds may be an artist’s statement about the environment — lost habitat and the corresponding loss of numbers of birds which serve as a bellwether of livability. – Mike

    • Birds,seem so cheerful and lively despite bad weather of rain, sleet and snow. Happy to say it was windy and sixty on Friday! 🙂 Jill, Felicia snd I went to see, “How to Be Single” and a light dinner at Panera. Fun evening. Hope you sre having a wonderful weekend.♡

  2. I keep looking at ‘him’ and want to come up with a good ‘reason’. Maybe the little fella is tired from all the flying and just taking a ride on the train to rest. Probably not, but, he looks tired….

    • Good idea, he does seem weary snd maybe the train is the right answer for refreshing himself, Colleen. Hope the person who painted it isn’t depressed. I worry about young people, neglect, abuse and bullying.
      On a lighter note: hope you get to enjoy the beautiful (but windy) weather! ♡

  3. I hesitate to even say, to me, the saddest birds are those destined to be on our plates. I also agree that loss of habitat is something to make them sad. But if you want to think of where are sightless birds? Think of factory farms. To me, one of the greatest tragedies of the modern world and one of the many reason I am a vegan. Two poignant posts in a row, Robin. Hugs.

    • Beth, thank you for such a good reminder of how animals and birds are not taken care of who sometines become some of our food source. I an glad you are able to provide enough protein for your future “older” brain, Beth.
      This is my only concern since obviously my Mom at 87 may have dieted, eaten lots of salads and not eaten enough “brain food.” She has dementia which is preventable unlike Alzheimers. My Prevention magazine had an astounding high number of protein grams and what it would take to ensure a quality vegan diet. I am incorporating more fish and eggs, than meat. 🙂

    • Marissa, thank you for checking this out. My grandies were in the car and kept talking about these “poor, lost birds.”
      On a better note: Enjoy hopefully warmer and sunny weekend! 🙂

    • Ian, thanks for sharing how the birds follow the grain train in Australia and perhaps other countries. I enjoy birds very much and their beauty in flying and being free, too. ♡

    • Thank you so much for your visit. If you have time and just want to see a cute photo of my granddaughters earlier on Thursday and the outdoors photo with snow covered evergreens and pink clouds floating in the sky these are “better” and more special posts, dear. ♡

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