Full Snow Moon’s face



The wicked pirate,

strong commander,

fight challenger,

hero's nemesis,

ancestor's ghost or

craggy-faced mentor?

When you see the

moon with prickly,

thorny branches. . .

What do YOU visualize?

photo by reocochran,
taken on a full moon night.

Full Snow Moon:

~ 1/22/2016 ~

While I have you
paying attention
to the Full Moon~

May I also suggest
to read the blog
and check out
video cast of
Lizzie at:


Hope you look up to the sky!

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆


53 responses »

  1. I can see the skeletal face of a pirate with a glint in his eye…
    By the way, I’ve been to see the Calder exhibition and am in the process of writing it up. Can you remind me if he is your great uncle or cousin? I want it to be correct!

    • Jenny, yippeee! 😀 So far no one saw the same jaw line and the glint in the skeleton pirate’s eye. Ooh, so eerie!

      Alexander Calder was my Grandmother’s (Evelina Holden Oldrieve) uncle. My father’s (Robert Earl Oldrieve) Great Uncle and my (Robin Elizabeth Oldrieve) “Great Grand Uncle.”

    • Thank you for asking, Jenny. ♡ What was your favorite Calder piece?

      The spell check for “Eveline” kept changing it to Evelina. That is Spanish and not correct. Silly cell phone drives me crazy.

      • Aha, you’ll have to wait and see my next post! Thanks for the confirmation.
        This predictive text does my head in – why does a machine think it knows better?! 😐

      • 😀 I’m supposed to–you are one of my two best blogging friends (Holly the other) and my pleasure to get the whole thing…if it is yours! At the moment I don’t read small print too well—read your post with a magnifier—-but you and your blogging are worth every effort!

    • Sorry about needing the magnifier, Jonathan. I have had laser surgery for narrow eye Glaucoma and Thursday will be discussing setting a date with my ophthalmologist for my cataract surgery. My eyes are declining due to nor wearing sunglasses until I turned 30! 😦 Hope that you will be blessed with needing only a magnifier.

      • Well…I did get my right eye injected, with something like LUCENTUS…I have the beginning stages of macular degeneration. Hope your cataracts come out okay. My wife has had both hers done with a span of 4 years between them! She has what I’m also being treated for. My own cataracts are developing but at an early stage. But I’ll love visiting your blog…if I have to wear double cheaters!!!! 🙂

  2. With the clouds and trees just so…very beautiful! Love this moon! Also, I always saw a girl in the moon until recently. Craters seem to have changed a wee bit…it is after a free for all on space stuff that can hit it. Poor moon. Yet, my favorite all the same. Beautiful 🙂

  3. I love watching the moon rise up through the branches of my oak tree. And I love it too when clouds pass over and around it. The moon and stars mystify me and I love to sit and look up at the heavens at night. Very nice post, missy! 🙂 ❤

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