Full Moon Imaginings



The full moon showed it’s
ambiguity in appearance.

The clam shell opened and
revealed the brilliant pearl
of the moon shining out.
clouds cup

A skinny man with fish-
hooked nose gazes at
white glowing globe.
His wisps of breath
floating from mouth.

and changed
while wind swirled
around the sky gazer.

What do you see as you study
the weird cloud formations
displayed on a warm
Winter’s evening?

☆  ○  ☆  ○  ☆  ○  ☆

photo taken by reocochran,
wondering and pondering
as she gazed at night sky.


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    • Vonita, thank you for feeling my moon photos were beautiful. The sky was so interesting that night! 🙂 I am happy you were able to see it. The next night it was so clear but my photos looked like balls and I guess the clouds help emphasize the moon.

    • I feel this way, Lisa. It may be all the songs and memories of lying in my attic bedroom in the alcove, gazing at it! I was a rather big moon watcher as a child even. Happy Tuesday to you. 🙂

    • Dan, this was a good reason why the moon was so interesting. The lack of trees around certainly gave me a beautiful view on the way to work today. 🙂 Thank you for enjoying my observations.

    • I really see the poetic side of your imagination with this lovely comment including the ‘cosmos getting ready to hug the moon’ really made it special. ♡
      Luanne, twice over the weekend I read the Kalamazoo family post and was interrupted. It was not opened but in the simple Reader form and once in my opened email form. I must read some catch up posts! I have some doll posts coming and will send folks off to see my friend, Luanne.♡

  1. I love the imagery here. I’m an old fashioned girl so the moon as a cheese and the man in the moon rank high in my child mind. But when I lie on the ground and stare and stare it is the feeling of overwhelming peace and hope that really envelopes me.

    • Osyth, I really was,transfixed with your last part of the comment. I used to take a blanket out on my back lawn while a single mom. My 3 children and I would look at the stars and sing or talk about making wishes on stars. . . Your words took me back to a simpler period of my life. Thank you for saying you feel an overwhelming peace and hope. Such a special and beautiful comment. Hugs, Robin

      • That strikes such a chord – I was a single mummy too …. It was so simple then when my raggle taggle nest was unperturbed by anyone and my chaotic babies and I could just BE. All grown now – I miss them scattered far away from me much of the time …. But when I look at the sky – night or day I know they are there and I know they are catching my warmth from afar

    • Another thread to add in our tapestry of friendship, Osyth. (Single mummy is a lovely description, too.) The peacefulness was very good and not having disagreements over rules or toys, etc. with a spouse or partner. Your grown children know love flows across the air waves, sending them hugs and warmth.♡♡

      • Thank you – your words hit the right note at the right time. That means an awful lot 🙂 Single Mummies we were and in our children’s eyes probably always are 🙂

    • Well, each person has their own interpretation, Jonathan! I think the moon can spin but maybe the earth is spinning and the moon just sitting still in space. 🙂 Thank you for re-blogging this.

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