Country Roads ~ Indian Summer



My newest friend I have met along

the way on my blogging path,

is a fourth generation farm girl

named Tonya.

She is from the Southern part of

the United States, has lambs,

sheep and chickens.

Did any of you remember my post

about my babysitter in Sandusky,

Ohio who had baby lambs in

her kitchen where we fed

them bottles of milk?

On the side column of

tags, I have

bottles and lambs. . .

♡  ¤  ♡  ¤  ♡  ¤  ♡

Her winter photographs,

sharing her farm animals,

fresh food preparations,

visits to Scotland and home

in England are captured in

her photographs.

Tonya nominated me for

The rather new award

which is called the,

“Miranda  Sings Award.”

The logo wasn’t posted on

her blog. Where you may find it

is on Ritu’s, her “gifter” of this,

found at this location:

There are rules about

sharing and thanking,

you may look over at

Tonya’s blog for:

Please check her out

and here is a short list

of nominations hopefully

new to you, as they are to me:

1. Sarah Ferguson, who has fun
and meaningful posts which
include Choppy her dog and her cat:

2. You may wish to check the next
post out which has a fantastic list
of places accepting poetry entries:

3. Osyth wrote a recent meaningful
post about Trees. You know that
nature is one of my favorite subjects!
I especially liked her including the
“Lorax” which is part of Dr. Seuss’
many lessons on life.
♡ Environmental issues with
children’s open ears and minds.

4. Holly writes poetry which includes
many lovely subjects and themes.
She is not new but her friend just
created a new flip book/magazine
including (I believe) 83 entries.
Please check this blog out:

5. Lina, who has been faithfully reading
my non-food blog has nice whole
wheat deep fried coconut pies
displayed in mouth-watering
photograph found at:

As I stop to reflect why
I blog and try to keep
up with many friends
more proficient
than I,
I feel

All of you bring music
to my soul, sharing
all types of blogs,
lifting my spirits.

You ALL deserve
to include this
“Miranda Sings
Award” nomination.
Please go ahead, let
others know where
it came from ~

Ritu who gave
it to Tonya,

who gave it to me,
while I write five
names down,
I am offering
this badge
and award
~ to YOU ~

my all star bunch.

☆ ♡ ☆ ♡ ☆


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    • Thank uou, Marissa for this comment. I am still more “city” than “country” but I did have a lot of fun from Age 3 to Grade 3 with my friends, Pam, Ellen and Scotty. Their Mommy was my brothers and my babysitter. We had the pleasure of helping with chores, running through fields and jumping off the loft into the hay mound (mown). 🙂

  1. Thank you Robin. You are too kind and too generous. Scratch that – it is not possible to be too kind nor too generous but I am enormously flattered to be included in your list of nominees and I will get to doing my bit in a while (it typically takes me a week to perculate so for heavens sake don’t hold your breath if blue isn’t your colour). For now I am going to spend some happy time exploring Tonya’s blog which I KNOW I will love and my co-nominees. I send you love, country, natural outside in this wonderful world of ours love to a new friend who I know is a keeper 🙂 x

  2. Congratulations 🙂 I love Farmgirl, too!
    Your title will have John Denver in my head all day now, Robin! “West Virginia…Mountain mama…Take me home…Country roads…” lol

    • Diana, baby goats or kids are really doft, get chubby bellies when bottles are fed to them, they are indeed precious animals! 🙂 All babies of many different species are adorable. I agree! 🙂
      Someone added a new comment and when I circled back, you had this sweet, additional comment.

  3. I’m English so I always apologise and mumble humbly but I’m living in New England so I am learning to be direct. My New England persona needs to tell you that the link you have posted so kindly to my site has an error – its wordpress not wordoress – might you change it. Englishness now dominates as I apologise for your trouble and assure you I am very grateful and mumble humbly that it is probably my fault anyway 🙂

  4. This is a beautiful photo Robin. I’m with Joey, Country Roads always brings that song to mind. It was a staple at WVU. Congrats on the special award. Your posts always have a rhythmic quality to them that I enjoy.

    • Dan, hope you enjoy that song! 🙂 I could not help referring to the words, “Country Roads,” since the one who nominated me was a country girl.
      I took this after Skyler’s football practice at a place called “Smith Fields.” I walked to the road and took this photo and then returned to my blanket in the grass with Micah watching his brother, coloring pictures.

    • I don’t have a star nor even 100 people commenting. You are funny with personal comments, but this is how you remark, Jonathan. Thanks so much for re-blogging.

      • Did my remark offend you? You are a star to us already (and that isn’t Irish blarney!!!). I don’t think I have 100 people in total, leaving comments. I’m lucky to get 3 to ten per post—and often none! Seems like more people are free to remark and admire stories and story tellers than poetry a nd poets! 😀

  5. What a lovely rural photograph, Robin. I feel at peace in the country. A large part of my childhood was spent on my grandparents farm with all sorts of animals but sadly no lambs. Baby lambs would be precious to nurture. Congrats on your award!

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