Thursday’s Doors ~ Old athletic building door



The doorway arch made of

blue limestone is weathered

and has the patterns found

among many original OWU

campus buildings.


Double doors,

Tan outside,

Red inside.

Branch Rickey was

in my mind a label

for a building with

an educational branch.

Little did I realize that it

was about a real man,

a famous coach,

athlete in his youth

and physical education

professor at OWU.

History revealed itself,

when the movie grand

opening, with famous

guests arriving.

Family members of

both Branch Rickey

and his own discovery,

baseball player,

Jackie Robinson.

This shining light from

the past happened a few

years ago, but with my younger

brother, I was illuminated again.

He was from out of town visiting,

we walked around campus in

the dark taking photographs

and talking about segregation,

prejudice and angry vitriol in

our country and national politics.

Makes us both think out loud,

Lyrics from Pete Seeger’s 1955

first edition of a peace folk song,

“Where Have All the Flowers Gone?”

The stanza which stands out,

just as powerful as when it

came out on a 45 record in 1962,

“When will they ever learn?”

This door is a part of a weekly

program called, “Thursday’s Doors”

initiated by Norm Frampton.

Check out other doors and

welcome to their links found:

~  °  ~  ~  °   ~

Photo of door,
athletic building
campus of
Ohio Wesleyan University.

~ •• ~ •• ~ •• ~

Thoughts about the
meaning of brotherhood,
found sometimes in Life,
athletics and needing a
new peaceful revolution,
shared between Robin
and brother, Richard.


56 responses »

    • Would it help if I said it is either my arm and cell phone or a lamppost, Jill? I mentioned to someone it represents a beacon of welcoming light to athletes, in my view. 🙂 Have a great day!

  1. I always love an arched doorway 🙂

    I had to look up Branch Rickey because I confess I didn’t know who he was. Who says an individual can’t make a difference to a big problem? Great story.

    • Oh, I was hoping, Joanne, I covered a bit more about him on the next post! I may have saved you trouble but so happy your “curious mind” did some research. Lovely summary of Branch Rickey! 🙂

    • I thought upon first taking it, the light “overshadowed” the door. Then I thought~ what a warm and welcoming beacon of light. So happy you thought of a church, this also crossed my mind, Beth. 😉

  2. Ah, so I’m guessing this is the door behind which the bust is located from your other post. It’s interesting to see things we have seen before through someone else’s eyes as you were able to do with your brother. Yes, Pete Seeger wrote an amazing song and it still holds the test of time today.

    • Marissa, I was hoping the rocker in you wouldn’t mind a folk song. 🙂 So happy you feel Pete S. wrote a song that “held the test of time.”
      I am not an athlete but tried to promote art, music and some sort of physical activity with each of my kids. Rich is a really calm msn, worked 20 years with inner city elementary children who were learning and emotionally disabled. I listen carefully when he talks. Usually, I am a chatter box.

      • Oh yes, even though I’m a rocker at the end of the day, my mom introduced me to all sorts of music from the 60s as well as musicals.
        Your brother sounds like a great guy.

    • Thanks, Marissa. The 3 of us are so close. Rich was the quiet journal writer, runner, special needs teacher in downtown Cleveland and now has his PhD. Yikes! 🙂
      Randy us the fun loving yet sensitive artist who has a degree in fine arts. He is so fun to go dancing or listen to a band with. I am blessed to have 2 great siblings, 3 of us born in 4 years. We traveled thru H.S. like a pack! 🙂

    • Judy,this makes me very happy to hear this. You know last fall I featured a lot of University doors. So I am always wondering if people tire them. I still appreciate your library door post and how you told me you can fill out library requisition forms online. 🙂 I also found out, I can put in requests for being on waiting lines for films. I used to ask the desk librarian to help me.

  3. This story has so many pieces; your brother, the beautiful doorway, linking today with yesterday, a beautiful song (I still know every single word by heart), and a brave baseball manager, and and a very brave baseball player. Thank you Robin, as I will read this multiple times.

    • Jennie, your words are so precious to me yo hear. I like to mention things I learn along the way in life. It is nice to know they are welcomed so kindly. Thank you!
      I like the simplicity of the song but the powerful message it sends, too.♡

    • Jo, so happy you liked the atmospheric shot. I had one which was a crisper, daytime photo but this one kept drawing my attention. Also, thank you for piecing the two parts of my story together! 🙂 I am sure I have seen a few doors on your European trip but wasn’t sure if you connected with Norm. My memory “ain’t” what it used to be! 😀

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