Child’s Hand Print upon Sky



The palm of the hand
with 4 fingers shown,
as the fifth finger,
the thumb is
not showing
as it floats

Pink Champagne-

Looking up
brings so

Floating dreams.

◇ ¤ ◇ ¤ ◇ ¤ ◇

taken and
for shape
and less

has always
me Joy.

~ Robin


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    • We do tend to prefer handprints on paper, or in this case, the sky! 😀
      If you hadn’t retracted this statement about the door, I may have said in a friendly way: ” Hey, Colleen, I think we would take dirty handprints rather than none ever left at all! ♡

  1. I like how you capture your visions in the clouds–and pretty ones at that. It takes me back to the time we would lie in the grass and watch the fluffy clouds go by.

    • “Sweet Jane” is a song written awhile ago, this is what will help me remember your name. 🙂
      Anyway, I think daydreaming and creative thought connects us with others of like minds. I also believe it connects the “child within” us. Thanks for sharing your memory of lying on a hillside, Jane.

    • Jenny, this is so nice of you to say. I really liked your “Wonderfully whacky. . .” post 🙂 and am hoping by telling people to head over and see your post, (on tomorrow’s post)you may have happy art lovers visiting. Thank you for writing such an interesting, historical post. The photos really added to your researched writing.

    • The idea of lying down and looking at clouds is relaxing, Diana. Surely you had an excellent escape to Hawaii, I believe, if my 60 year old memory serves me. . .
      Hope you have a fine time daydreaming in your fantasy land. 🙂

    • Juan, thanks for this comment. I really feel blessed but hope you do, too.
      My brother came over Friday, from his mural painting and we went out for dinner, then to a local club. There was such a cool, free band. They played the Rolling Stones, Allman Brothers, Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton, Temptations and many more “covers.” He stayed overnight.
      Saturday, 2 of my grown children, 6 of 7 grandkids, my brother and I met at a park today and celebrated Micah’s 7th birthday. So far, a wonderful weekend, thanks for the wishes.

    • Elizabeth, you may find it to be a really nice pastime. I hope someday to have a boyfriend, we will go to the beach or a place where it is a look-out over a vista. I will know he is special if he plays cloud watching and using his imagination. 🙂

    • Pamela, I really like that song, “Both Sides Now.” I like both Judy Collins and Joni Mitchell. Thank you for adding this here. Music really makes connections between our hearts and minds. 🙂

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