Sunbeam brightens a blustery day!



Hard time trying to choose
from collection of photos.

Golden ray of sunshine on
a day only reaching the teens
in temperature  (farenheit )

The photograph was taken
on blustery, bitter cold
late afternoon,
sun about
to set.

My friend, Jenny Pellett,
writes a smart blog called,
“Characters from the Kitchen,”
a few days ago posted a
story about one of my
ancestors with such
great research and
actually going to
the art museum
in London to
see Calder

Please check the post
with the genius title,

“The Wonderfully Whacky
World of the Upwardly Mobile” at:

Enjoy the creative mobiles
and Alexander Calder’s
early objects and
wire sculptures.

Thank you, sincerely, Jenny!


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  1. Enjoyed the post about the Calder exhibition at the Tate. You’re related to him as well has to be a good thing, right? Fame for creating art from pieces of wire, wood and making them move! Very talented person I hope you share some of this yourself sometime.

    • It certainly was a unique sunset since it wasn’t round but cylindrical! Almost like a “bolt” of sunlight. The soft colors were not tampered with since I liked them, as Mother Nature intended them, Jill. 🙂 Have a colorful day!
      Jenny is a great fellow blogger and we share art as an interest. I appreciate how you connected us, Jill. ♡

    • Thank goodness, Mike. Today is going to be 60 degrees. Micah and I will go outside to get a walk and playtime.
      I’ve had a lovely weekend. On Fri., my artist brother finished a mural at a place called Bluescreek Farm. It will be so cool to attend their opening in Plain City, OH, a fresh meat, farm produce and fish market. We went out to eat and a club to listen to a great band: Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton, Rolling Stones, Allman Bothers, Billy Idol… great “cover” band.
      Saturday, Micah turned 7 and since brother was here, daughter Carrie, son Jamie and 6 grandies went to Blue Limestone Park and played in sunny, 42 degree weather. Lots of football and a game of Hide and Seek with adults and kids alike. Hope you are enjoying pleasant weather, Mike. ♡

      • Your fair weather weekend with the children sounds delightful. We are getting warmer weather this week after a couple days of torrential rain and cold nights.

  2. Lovely sky! It reminds me of our time in Montana where the sky is often so awe inspiring. I could snap sky pictures every day and never tire of it. Here on the west coast, it’s mostly covered in gray cloud.

    • Anneli, I think I never tire of the sky. I remember your beautiful sunrise of lavender and pink this week. I liked the mountainside view in yours. Did you notice the contrast of how flat our view is in central Ohio?

  3. Even though it’s a picture of the sun, I can still see that it’s a cold day! Beautiful picture! I will have to go and check out that link but right now so tight on time. When we comment back, it will remind me.

    • Marissa, no rush nor problem. On Sunday (today) I played hide n seek, fed ducks, played Uno cards, “Mancala” rock game and ate lunch with grandson, Micah. It was 60 degrees out and busy and fun day. Hope your bust day was very enjoyable, Marissa! Will end up staying late watching Oscars, too. 🙂

      • I’m always running around taking that one there and this one here. We thought they were going to rerun the Oscars at 8 and ended up turning the TV on then to found we missed most of them. Still saw an hour though. I think that was enough!

    • I cannot do this but I did stop and liked the post. I follow so many I could not pick just one! 🙂 You are a special and lovely fellow blogger who has such a beautiful growing daughter, Chhori. ♡

    • Dan, thank you for such a warm and blessed comment. It does leave me speechless. Hope you had a great weekend. I need to circle back and leave a comment on your Thursday’s Doors post. 🙂

  4. Hi Robin
    I feel a bit embarrassed to be arriving so late to this particular post – thank you so much for the shout and link back to my blog. I wasn’t online last night – too much good drama on TV – what an admission! But I’m following the new John Le Carre thriller, The Night Manager, which is extremely good. Then after that, our internet connection was playing up so I went to bed! Thanks again for directing new folk my way 😉xoxo

  5. Beautiful sunset. You great grand uncle was very talented. The post is a delight. I think the fish tank might be my favorite, too. Now that I read all that, my hubby works in a building that has a mobile installed in the lobby. It’s a school of silver fish, and they are always moving and turning up by the ceiling. It’s very cool. I wonder if it was by him or inspired by him. It’s a small world where talent is concerned. 🙂

  6. What a beautiful post, I enjoyed reading that,and the link you included led to a very interesting site, your Friend is certainly a dedicated writer.
    Kind regards.

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