Headstone of male



Robert Brown was 55 plus
“some change”
(3 months, 25 days)
~ 1852 ~

The grave states
“In memory of”
Robert Brown.

No middle name
presented here.

This was interesting to me,
mainly since the next post
will hold his “consort,”
an 11 year old with
merely her first
name given:

Stay tuned
for her

This week’s focus
small cemetery
created by the
side of Troy

Photo and information
given by reocochran,
March, 2016.

Possibly, someone
may wish to write
Hannah’s short
and intriguing
life’s story.

x  x  x  x


14 responses »

    • There is some lichen on it but you are right this limestone (I believe) has not been “worse for wear.” Jill, glad you think this tombstone is amazing. I liked this small plot but stopped to capture a Thursday’s Doors post. With politics being such a big subject this year, I decided to focus on an old-fashioned “township hall.” πŸ™‚

  1. Funny you mention the lack of a middle name since there must be a million Robert Brown’s in the world and without a middle name…well, how would one differentiate. Yet, picking him for your picture certainly puts him in the spotlight!

    • Yes, without a middle name he can’t possibly be embarrassed by all the views and attention! πŸ˜‰
      I like putting the spotlight on the strangest subjects, I suppose. . .

  2. But did he have a middle name ….? My husband has three sisters and a brother. All have middle names. He does not. It’s a story. Of course πŸ™‚

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