Thursday’s Doors ~ March 3, 2016



The handicapped accessible ramp is
somehow attractive with its simple,
clean wooden rail.

This door to the Troy Township Hall,
also has the Ohio historical circle
designating a part of local history.

There is an old gravesite,
A handful of headstones,
Ages and names vary,
The door has a window so
Members gathering for
Township meetings may look
out to see who is knocking
on the white wooden door.

No big secrets,
This simple building is
“Straight arrow” as a
church choir member
or Sunday School

No safe nor money
kept here,
probably a
supply closet
full of
coffee can, paper
plates and plastic
silverware, napkins
and toilet paper rolls.


The township halls in
counties have purpose
to convene and hold
meetings conducting
business and passing
rules for local area
gatherings. No laws
made or weighty
subjects really
settled here.

This post is part of
Collection of variety of
Thursday’s Doors hosted
by Norm Frampton.
Head on over to his blog
where links to other
doors may be found:


17 responses »

    • Thank you, Jenny. The presidential election and the campaigning made me think of how small town halls used to bring the candidates out. Instead, Columbus had Donald Trump come with his jet and campaigned in the airport hangar. Hope you understand the irony! 🙂

    • I like the dimensions and directions of how doors can be taken, Marissa. I was super busy with working 7 till 5:30 yesterday. Watched a hilarious movie, “Accidental Love” to unwind. (Library borrow) and it had Jessica Biel, James Marsden, Tracy Morgan, James Brolin, Jake Gyllenhaal and more. (PG-13) Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

      • Oh, that’s nice. The only movies I get to watch are the ones my kids want to see so I can tell you I’ll try to check it out, but it’s most likely it won’t happen!

    • Oh, this is not big nor “important,” it is a small township hall meeting place. I chose it to contrast the recent elections and how the venues are so incongruent with small areas in our country whose needs aren’t addressed. Used to be, Abraham Lincoln and others would choose the train route for their “stomping grounds,” Anneli. Smiles, Robin

    • Sylvia, you are so sweet! I am glad you found something interesting about this simple doors post. My thought was to focus on once upon a time in America, the presidential candidates would go the “town hall route.” In contrast, this week Donald Trump arrived in his jet and spoke in the airport hangar of Columbus, Ohio. Such a contrast from the past candidates who would eat in local diners! 😀

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