Tree dusted with confectioner’s sugar



A light snow
black grained,
deep brown
nearly dying
dormant grass.

White feathering
gently transforming
scenery. Sending
out sleepy snores
instead of noisy

photo taken by
near fence
from the


I thought
quite a lot
about bare
skeleton of
a proud tree.
Reaching out
towards sun in
honor of its warmth.
Stretching towards the
night sky, full moon, stars
and five planets aligning.

° • ○ ● ☆ ¤ ◇ ¤ ☆ ● ○ • °


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    • I appreciate your describing the light snow as “elegant,” Beth. This occurred over a week ago and kept putting off writing with the photograph.
      Today, we had a wet, heavy almost dripping snow which covered 3 inches high on my car. I took a photo of it and just wrote up another snow post.
      We may get warmer in less than a few days. Up to 50, then 60 and I believe next Thursday, it is supposed to be in the 70’s!
      Hope you are going to have a pleasant weekend with warm days. 🙂

      • Thank YOU Robin, not only for your kindness and for gently affirming the positivity I try to flourish here, but also for mentioning your name, as I was never quite sure what to call you LOL 🙂 Have a Delightful Weekend!

  1. I am wondering what kind of tree that is. I see trees like this in upstate S. Carolina, a species that did not grow in the Northwest. Is this a sugar gum tree? – Mike

    • I am not sure but by next fall Carrie will probably still live here and I can gather some leaves up. My Mom liked botany and taught us trees and other natural names. I don’t even have a tree book so will borrow one and may remember to let you know, Mike.

    • Oh, we have hope for warmer weather coming up next week, too. Judy, my friend Jenny said there were blooms on her crocuses and now covered with 3 inches of heavy, wet snow. They will surely break under the weight. It confuses the animals, too!
      Hope you have a warmer tomorrow! 🙂

    • It was a brisk, dry cold on this day. I was working on the way I was going to post this and chose to do the less snowy day, the light “dusting” first and the 3″ of wet snow another time, Anneli. Has it snowed up North again?

      • We’re on the rainy west coast and haven’t been getting snow in the winter for years now. Maybe a little “dusting” now and then, but mostly it’s rain. The snow stays up in the hills where it belongs for the skiers.

  2. the “confectioner’s sugar” still looks bone-chilling…probably because we did share the same storm and I was out in the aftermath working outside the next day….so this does remind me of how cold I was! Twould be so much better if there was someone to snuggle with on a day like that,,,staring out at the beauty of it…while keep good and warm!

    • Someday, hope YOU have someone at the end of Spring or Summer, TLK. It is a nice thought but this is not in my mind while I do receive plenty of hugs from loved ones. . . 🙂

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