White, blue shadows.

Black, outlining lines.

//\\ 《《 》 》//\\

This field reminded me of
new designs on sheets,
called, “Chevron.”

I could not help thinking
“Even those who walk
straight paths may go
astray sometimes.”
~ reocochran


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    • Dan, I just felt the urge to display this, knowing there are so many people who don’t have this flat landscape and the plow-lines so clearly demarcated with the snow. . . Thanks for the going astray and then getting there, eventually! 🙂

    • Thank you, glad to have you feel this way. This is not nature but a plow that made crooked lines, but I do believe that nature has gorgeous patterns. You feature lovely animals, plants, flowers, roses 🙂 and birds I love to watch. Thank you again!

      • Sylvia, I agree with your ideas and hope everyone who has led the straight lined life, gives themselves a chance for adventure and fun choices, “outside the box” and add them to their “bucket list!” Thanks for your response to Pamela! 😀

    • Pamela, I agree with this and am smiling as I type my reply. Life is not a straight line, those who feel they have led this way, maybe need to try a little bit of the fun and adventurous “outside the box” choices there are, at least add a couple to their “bucket list.”

    • Anneli, I agree! ❤ There are so many ways to see patterns, in nature, in man-made items like these plow-lines and I love to see them ALL! It is wonderful that people respond to nature the best, but I like paisley, herringbone and chevron patterns in fabrics, too. Smiles, Robin

    • Elizabeth, sometimes words flow out of my fingers when I type. I am grateful you found them meaningful. The opposite of “walking the straight and narrow path,” is what occurred to me when I saw the crooked plow lines. 🙂

    • Lana, I draw and then paint those baby name pictures, one had chevron and another paisley pattern! 🙂
      Glad you agree, it is hard to “stay on the straight and narrow!” 😉

    • Yes, almost any variation on a rather boring day breaks up the monotony. My baby name pictures usually have child’s name and decorative details in baby nursery or theme. Since they are meant only for that child, role hang them until age10 or so. 🙂

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