Thursday’s Doors ~ The OWU Aquatics Building



I like the modern doorway,
Multiple layered with the
Red inner contrast with black.

If I have not mentioned
Ohio Wesleyan University
has red and black for their colors.

Their teams are the Bishops!

I will include a few photos.
Showing you how modern
and attractive the pool area is.

This post is part of a
collaboration with
Norm Frampton,
Our able leader and
You may find more
doors and links to
blogs who regularly
participate at:


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    • The archway and pillars do stand out in this Thursday’s Doors post. I liked the fact the inside held a pool scene with the Fighting Bishops logo! 😉 Thank you, Sylvia for noticing the details!

    • Oh, thank you for coming inside and also finding details to comment on, Fiona. I have had a great time since Thursday, too much fun and not enough keeping up with my blogging! 😉

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