Flat Vista~ as far as eye can see



The fields of amber grain are missing,

Some may say a boring Vista, at best.

Cut corn ridges of leave snowy stripes.

The stand of trees break the flatness,

purple clouds on horizon brighten view.

Blue forever stretching and embracing

hearts of every country living person.

The choice to stop,

Gaze out and really see.

Ohio is part of the Heartland.

No buildings nor phone or

electric lines and poles

or cell phone towers

restrict what farmers

and neighbor see daily.


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    • Nothing wrong with our country and its land form diversity. I would prefer Hawaii, to tell you the truth, April. When Felicia attended Chamunade University in a semester trade, she enjoyed many sights, sounds, feelings. πŸ™‚

      • There are many parts of the world with their unique qualities. Right now, I’m happy we were able to “enjoy” the southern US. If my husband’s job didn’t bring us here, we may have never visited.

  1. Growing up in a countryside filled with mountains, lakes and rivers, this country view would strike me as rather boring after awhile. However, I think the more important point is your ability to find beauty in all things, and that says a lot about you. Cheers, Robin. – Mike

    • The great part of Ohio’s land forms are the hills, valleys, waterfalls, and sandy beaches along Lake Erie. we even have a magnificent Native American burial grounds called, Serpent Mound.:) Thanks for the positive comment about my own perspective on life, Mike.

    • Judy, it was such a great way of picturing this scenery in a completely different season. I like the idea of machinery coming to “life” during spring planting and autumn harvest times. πŸ™‚

  2. It’s funny – I always think of myself as being someone who doesn’t cope well with flat and yet whenever I see a landscape like that, it stops me in its tracks. The relationship of the sky to the land is piqued and I want to see what is over the non-existent ridge. I love this picture and as always I loved your words drawn to the idea of the people who see that landscape and watch it change daily in the heartlands πŸ™‚

    • Oh, I had an ex-boyfriend about 3 years ago told me he wanted 4 hours of silence in the car we were driving home from Michigan in. Ooh, that one hurt. I like talking but it clarified how different we were and parted amicably. No tears in this case.
      Cell phones upset me most in restaurants where couples don’t stop texting to gaze into their partners eyes and listen or share thoughts, Andrew. Good call on your part. πŸ™‚

      • Four hours of silence?? That was harsh to say the least. Happy it ended on good terms. A person who writes the way you do (deep and with passion) has to give great conversation. This past Valentine’s, I sat in a restaurant with my wife. We watched dozens of couples staring into their phones totally ignoring one another. We always place ours on silence.

    • Jenny, your photos and descriptions of area inserted into the “Spectre” film making not far from where you live (if memory serves me well) were rather like this rural setting. Thanks and hope you have a lovely weekend.
      Speaking of films, the newest one with Tina Fey and Billy Bob Thornton made my mind go back to “Good Morning, Vietnam.” I am not sure if the depth of certain scenes will be expected in an unlikely film. My youngest daughter and I wept a little during one scene and dabbed our eyes during another. The film, “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” has a haunting effect.
      The actual journalist was in Afghanistan durung several years in around 2003 to 2006 or 7?
      Yet, just last weekend the Taliban executed 10 more people who were in Pakistan. This was only a news “blip” actually running on a “ticker tape” under the newscast on Monday morning.
      I got again saddened, but I suppose we cannot solve everything when so many problems in the world.
      On a much lighter note, enjoy your weekend, Jenny!

    • Thank you ever so much. Have a lovely Saturday. We had 5 year old family party last night for little granddaughter. Tonight~ a big, raucous one for 7 year old with classmates and the Hulk theme. πŸ˜€

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