Long ago project



I like to draw with pen and ink,

Usually filling in spaces in

pictures with

simple watercolors.

* * * * *

~ March 12, 2016 ~


(Do you hear the
Beatles song playing?)

As I got ready to draw first in

pencil, then outline in fine Sharpie,

I no longer “tempt fate” with a

pot of permanent black ink

with special dipping pen.

The rough drafts of few unfinished

projects fell out of my watercolor

paper pad. I have several times

taken this “cut out cottage” to a

local printer, who placed it

on drafts paper with tiny boxes,

while I choose pastel paper

with a fine texture to make

new personal notepaper.

My second husband, was S. Long,

thus it still holds my “Robin Long”

upon this little quaint drawing.

Today my blogging time

will be cut short,

This will actually be

considered “yesterday,”

by the time you view.

My Agenda:

~ 2 baby name pictures need to
be started in pencil, outlined in ink.

~ Micah needs to be taken,
accompanied for 2 hours
to a classmate’s birthday
party held at a gymnastics
and adventure site.

Local friend, teacher who
taught my own three kids
how to walk a balance beam,
flip around on double parallel
bars, and other amazing feats,
will be present to carry
on role of “Ring Leader” of
the 3 ring gymnastic circus.
* A plug for Chet Snouffer and his
years of patience and business. *

~ At 5 PM, Micah’s Hulk party
will commence at his home.
One wall of house will have
huge sheet of black plastic
featuring enemies of the Hulk.
The artistic daughter has been
drawing and painting these for
guests and birthday boy to
“shoot” silly string at them!

Mommy baking cake, putting
together big boxes and painting
them. As soon to be crushed
city buildings. Setting up a
face painting “station” for boys
who are 6 – 7 years old will be
transformed into green faced
Tribe of Hulks.

~ I will stay perhaps 2 hours while
passing up opportunity to stay
overnight with sugar-induced,
adrenaline-charged first graders.
I will hugging and say supportive
parting words to oldest daughter.

Hugging tightly as I make
my excused exit and departure.

Thanks for stopping by!

As well as reading my summary,

βˆ† βˆ† βˆ†

Drawing created in 1985,
Robin Oldrieve Long,
past name,
Thoughts hurriedly
expressed also by
same person, other name.


68 responses »

    • Oh my! It really was a wild group but I left after 3 hours with my son’s three. We got washed up, pajamas on and they fell asleep by 9:30. All is well. Hope you have a special Sunday.

    • Thank you, Lisa. I did it in the days where a blob of ink may gather while pen gets stuck on grain of paper but I ignore it’s flaws. ‘We are our own worst critic’, sometimes. Have a day full of serenity! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Mike! It turned out those boys ripped the boxes into shreds and only one boy wanted to look like Micah another was a Volcano and my two M & M girls were Cat Woman. Funny, they did this at Halloween and were both Elsa. They see no problem and don’t call their characters twins. Oh, nor alter egos! The girls are 7 and 5 now that Makyah had her March b’day. It was not raining so we went outside with Silly String. πŸ™‚ I think it may have stuck in the carpet! The day went well but I have Landen and the girls, raining today. They slept until 7:30, while we lost an hour. πŸ™‚

    • I am happy to be able to help and the party when I left taking the three grandkids, Marley, Makyah and Landen it had been a “smashing success,” Diane. I have photo of Micah with the boxes which were made into buildings. I wish we could meet over coffee. I promise not to “over do it!” I am really good at just showing 3 or 4 photos and then stopping sharing! πŸ™‚ The kids are up and eating cereal or food bars. I am trying not to hurry them but my youngest daughter and I are meeting to Mall Walk atca place half way between us. She lives about 35 minutes away in German Village and we meet at Polaris when it is raining, parks like Highbanks or Alum Creek when nice! Have a lovely Sunday.

    • Beth, you are always so sweet! ❀ This just looks like I imagine a cozy cottage similar to yours would, if I had one. This was probably inspired from one in a magazine in the 80's.
      Not that I wish to change my current cozy place. I like being where I am! πŸ™‚

    • It does seem worse facing it but once over sometimes wish I could have relaxed more. . . thanks, Marissa, I imagine your life goes full speed ahead sometimes, too. πŸ™‚

      • Just need rest from activities like when people come home from trips it is called jetlag. Maybe Monday could be called weekend recuperation day but need a shortened version. Of course, I agree~ wouldn’t miss those special busy times for all the tea in China!

  1. I love your drawing of your little cottage. I wish I could draw but I never made it past stick figures and square houses with a triangle top. Hope you had a wonderful day!

    • This will be like that proverbial riding a horse or bike, Anneli. You could pick it up and it will all come back to you. I find the children’s name pictures and my 4 illustrated books rather a good body of work to leave, unless a door opens along the way. I have used this simple way to help out schools, fundraisers, church and given as gifts when low on cash. πŸ™‚

  2. YOu are one talented lady! Enjoy the party – how I miss the chaos of those early years rampages that marsqueraded as birthday parties when the girls were small πŸ™‚

    • Yes, the rampages that masquerade as b’day parties are enjoyable in small doses. I appreciate your compliment, Fiona. Time passes far too quickly, like a blink of an eye.

  3. What a lovely drawing, Robin! On another note, I had to work hard to find your blog. Did you know that your Gravatar is not hooked up to your blog site? At least, not that I could see or find. I tried several times. You have to manually link your gravatar to your blog site. That way, when someone goes to you Gravatar, they can click on the link to land on your blog. I wrote a piece on how to do this in 2013: https://johannisthinking.wordpress.com/2013/05/02/link-your-wordpress-blog-manually-to-gravatar-or-we-wont-find-you/? I think it still works this way.

    • Oh, thank you for working hard to find me. πŸ™‚ I thought when I would comment, my name was how people were led to my posts. Not sure how I got so many followers. . . I press on people’s names not gravatars usually, Jane.

    • Nia, you are a sweetheart! Hope you are slowing down! I worked ten hours twice this week and 9 1/2 the other two days! Yikes! Still yo at 5 and off to the warehouse, dear friend. Happy TGIF!

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