# 1: Thursday’s Doors ~ March 17, 2016



The green awning,

The wine, beer, bourbon bar

or Irish whiskey  just seem

to shout:

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

There are glass windows,

upstairs and a big storefront

window, glass door with

glass transom window, too.

May a leprechaun lead

you to your Pot of Gold,

May wee fairies show

you a rainbow of joy,

and an Irish setter

give you a nice nuzzle,

save your kisses for

x o x o x o x o x o x o x o x o

a possible lad or lassie.

Cheers may come in the form

of sparkling white grape juice

or a lime spritzer, either may

have a few drops of

green food coloring.

♧  ¤  ☆  ♧  ☆  ¤ ♧

May ye have a dash

of green all day long!

This Doors post is part of a

weekly program hosted by

Norm Frampton, if you

check out his post,

there will be links

to other doors at:


♧ Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Norm! ♧


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    • Happy first day of Spring here, I am following up on comments but hope to visit blogs on Monday after work. All about my data usage while visiting and running nearly out, Jane. Just a week or so left in month. . . thanks for your sweet comment!

  1. This bar does call out Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, assuming of course that Vito is of the Irish derivation. And in honor of the day, I share this Irish Toast with you:

    “May the best day of your past be the worst day of your future.”

    I’ll drink to that! – Mike

    • I hope you enjoyed the beer as much as I did the warmth of the toast! Nicely expressed about the Green awning and the non-Irish name and owner. I chose it for color not heritage, Mike. 🙂

  2. I love the line “may wee fairies show you a rainbow of joy”, although I think the day I see wee fairies, I probably should put the glass of whatever I’m drinking aside 😉

    • Joanne, well said with quite an amusing tone. 😀 I like your way of expressing this fear of the “hair of the dog” effects of seeing wee fairies and all the magic they bring. 😉

      • Isn’t that our first instinct? … to react with fear that which we don’t understand. Sad, but true.

        … but seeing fairies would be rather awesome 🙂

    • Yes, we react out of fear of the unknown but faeries would be like miniature Angels and certainly wouldn’t want to run. Embracing the unknown and facing fears is part of your challenges in athletic feats, Joanne! 🙂

    • We always felt wearing green was expressing “one-ness” with these underdogs. My Dad said the Irish people were given a hard road to go, Anneli. I am so glad you were ready for company. No pinching you! ❤

    • Thank you, sweet Natalie. It was a 10 hour work day and I stopped at son and daughter in law’s for dinner. Son made 2 meals, chicken Tuscany with tomatoes, bacon and spinach in a cream sauce, he calls a rue. The St. Pat’s meal was in crock pot, with corned beef, cabbage, carrots and celery. I had a little of both.
      Grandbaby Hendrix is a doll. He has learned how to “scootch” and roll across the room. My grandkids were playing Apples to Oranges. 🙂
      How was your day, dear?

      • Wow I wish I’d been invited to dinner at their house too! And babies are so cute when they start to scootch and roll! My day was pretty good! I hope you rest well tonight! 🍀❤️

    • Oh, babies are such little happy souls. Wish we could stay blissfully baby like! ❤ I have started you in my prayer chain, blessing the surgeons guiding hands by God, Natalie. April 18th day of your new life with stronger body and a renewal coming!

    • Thanks, April. I had an Irish feast with a taste of Tuscany at my son’s house. The baby is rolling and scootching from one end of the room to the next! So funny and comedic, while we were sitting on floor, kids playing Apples to Oranges. New sofa coming next week for the (grown) “kids.”

  3. I adult coffee’d most nights last week before bed. It was quite nice. I’m not enough Irish to counteract the other heritages, but who doesn’t like some Irish coffee? 🙂

    • Oh, good to hear about your nightly adult coffee, Joey. I hope to wind back and catch up later today, right now Micah is asking for a snack. We are heading to his cousins house soon. We played rock game, Mancala, war and put together space Lego scene. Smiles, Robin

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