#2: Thursday’s Doors ~ March 17, 2016



The door is glass and has a

glass transom over it.

The metal frame keeps

it sturdy to allow many

customers inside during

cold, freezing weather,

Upstairs and


The little details like above

the windows in cream scrolls

make this old brick building

one which attracts the eyes.

The olive green canopy states,

“Vito’s Wine Bar”

but you may order several beers

or try a variety of mixed drinks.

The place is popular for gathering

when it is warm outside on patio.

It is fun and friendly in its ability

to choose your own wine.

Early in the week, Tuesday night

the bourbon specials are up:



any combination costs less.

There’s Wednesday when the

Sangria huge glass container

with a spigot allows a reduced

celebration for Hump Night.

The wine bottles line the

walls designated in,

Local wines,

White wines,

Red wines,


and Foreign


This Thursday’s Doors Post

Comes to you as part of the

Collection with our honorable

leader, Norm Frampton at:


Happy door seeking,
all you lucky
fellow bloggers!
Almost the weekend. . .


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    • Thank you, dear. xoxo I would love to start at the Wines of Seven and end up at Vito’s, but I like warm weather to sit on the patio or sidewalk in each case. 🙂

    • I agree, Derrick. It is sad they needed to protect the Wines and change the door. It is pleasant to sit inside with the warmth from inside and the outside street lights shining in, at dusk. 🙂

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