New yogurt combinations



Let’s put veggies in the blender,
with fruit and juice to make a
delicious, healthy combination.

Now, we know everyone has
tried V-8 fruit and veggie juice.

Let’s take Greek yogurt and mix
beet juice and pulp with cherry
juice and pieces.

If this doesn’t sound like your
favorite combination, try a trio
of flavors: spinach, kiwi
and pineapple.

Are you ready to tempt
your taste buds?

By the way, I liked ♡
Both of these yogurts!


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    • Each combination has a fruit which adds sweetness while overpowering the mild veggie flavor. I liked the way the pineapple and kiwi overtakes the spinach flavor. I just need to add more fruits and veggies into my diet, so thought I would share this. They have a squash with a pumpkin pie taste but not sure if it has apples… I have more “research” and taste trials planned ahead. . .:) Thanks for saying they look delicious, Lisa! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  1. I watch my daughter and SIL blend together the most god-awful combinations (sorry, but kale and beets and pineapple and chocolate chips??!!). But I’ll certainly try that cherry beet yogurt. 🙂

    • Pam, I think my youngest daughter tries things I am not crazy about either! I am smiling thinking of some of her “concoctions!” 🙂 I have another “research” of two more of these Greek yogurt veggie-fruit blends and will let you know how they are. So far, I really liked the pineapple and kiwi where the spinach added green color but didn’t affect the flavor combination. They have one that tastes like pumpkin pie, a coworker had this, with squash and pumpkin but not sure if apple is the “sweetener” or something else. I will let you know when I try them! Have fun this weekend, Pamela! 🙂

    • Yes, I do love blenders and the combination drinks and beverages you can create. I also like these Greek yogurts that you spoon into your mouth once you stir them up. The pineapple and kiwi blended with the mild spinach flavor comes out delightful, Ian/Emu! 🙂 Enjoy your weekend!

    • Thank you, Cindy. We have two “breaks” and a lunch time period at my warehouse. We like to “Out-do” each other with our improving our diets making them more healthy. My friend Tammy had a squash, pumpkin and I think apple concoction Greek yogurt which urged me to try these two flavors. I will next be trying two other kinds and letting you know from my “taste test” kitchen. ha ha! 😀 Enjoy your weekend, Cindy and thanks for visiting my rather simple post! ❤

    • I know you will like at least one of the six flavors. I am posting about two at a time, Beth. Just for a “change of pace” and adding some nutritional value to my day “breaks” at work, too. We all try to “Out-do” each other with the “newest discoveries. . .” ha ha! 😀

    • I am not sure it is really like a poem, maybe unique thoughts put together. You are too kind, Cindy! Hope to check out your movie posts and thoughts today! Here are the movies I had to request for the library to “send out for:”
      1) Kidnapping Mr. Heineken, based on a true story, listen to the “cool cast,” Cindy: Anthony Hopkins, Jim Sturgess, Sam Worthington, Ryan Kwanten.
      2) “Testament of Youth,,” based on the best-selling memoir. Which has Alicia Vikander from the Danish Girl movie with a young newcomer male actor named, Kit Harington. (one R)
      3) “A Most Wanted Man,” with Rachel McAdams, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Willem Dafoe and Robin Wright. It is a caper and spy thriller.
      I may not get out of the apartment until tomorrow evening to have dinner with a friend!! 🙂
      Have a marvelous weekend, thanks for the sweet comments! ❤

    • Well, if you go to the yogurt section, you could nibble on these and feel they have good protein, calcium, flavors and vegetables. I feel “righteous!” when I eat these. There are four more flavors for me to critique for you all. Smiles and hugs to your kids who may enjoy these after school instead of a bag of chips or an ice cream. . . 😀

    • That is a lovely idea, April. You could make a spinach salad, sprinkle pecans to add protein, some cheese to make the calcium level go up, pineapple and kiwi to sweeten this to make a great snack! We are in the “break room” 2x daily, usually tempting each other with healthy choices or alternatives to what we see our younger coworkers “go for,” like chips and candy bars, with Pop or Soda! Yikes! Have a wonderful weekend, April. ❤

    • April and Jenny agree with your “Eww-w”, so far, if I were taking a “tally” or vote, Luanne. Just make sure you include protein, calcium, fruits and vegetables since a few of my blogging friends and one of my “in real life friends” have had flu and colds that knocked them through a LOOP! 🙂

      • Yes, it is fun to come up with new ways of preparing healthy and “safe” foods for your husband, too. I hope you put him in charge of grilling or cooking, too. 🙂

      • He is definitely the grillmaster (although for chicken he needs either cutlets–pounded–or sausages or he overcooks) haha (but don’t tell him I told you that).

    • Mike, you don’t have to try any of these. I have been trying to reduce my cholesterol and add brain protein and bone calcium to my “regimen” not really a “diet!” I laugh at comments because almost my whole table has been competing to find “new” ways to be healthy! We are all over 55, smiling since I am the oldest at 60. 😀

    • I like your way best, since you know the “quality” and “freshness” of your additions to plain yogurt. I love fresh strawberries or raspberries with yogurt. I posted about that one time when the pints were 4 for $5. A great addition to this post, Anneli.
      I find when I cut up cucumbers and onions, add Italian spices, with yogurt it makes something which people usually utilize sour cream.
      Yogurt is high in protein which they are saying in studies and research our brain needs more protein. With my Mom’s current dementia level, (although she did decline after age 80),I try to incorporate more protein. Calcium is important for me, since I create a lot of “wear and tear” at the warehouse by lifting regularly, over 50 pounds, in totes full of auto parts.Thanks for the special comment. I agree with natural choices first,Anneli! 🙂

  2. Oh heck yeah, I would def try this. Geoffrey loves yogurt. I just sent this to him so he can pick them up on the way home. Good find, Robin. I will let you know what we think!

    • Beth, I think this works for me, mainly since I don’t have to have a full supply of fruits and veggies. If a couple were to purchase plain yogurt they could include any fresh veggies or fruits they wish. There were three who would not try it, one who said he would but may not like it very much. It was fun to post about, I knew you might like this, though! 🙂
      My friends at my table in the warehouse talk a lot about protein, how we need this to prevent brain deterioration, along with for our bodies to maintain during heavy and repetitive lifting. Calcium is great for our teeth and bones. If I still were raising kids, I would substitute yogurt for sour cream for dips, I may make a frozen yogurt combination. On my own, I tend to buy a few bananas and oranges at a time, Beth. You are so sweet to send this off to Geoffrey!
      Did you see Kasich did well in Ohio? I was glad since he seems moderate Republican and he is articulate and not crazy! 🙂 I am also liking a few on the other side. . . Gotta go check out your posts now! ❤

    • Very true, Inese. 🙂 We need to use the most natural forms of foods. I agree but as a single woman, I like the convenience of this combination of fruits, vegetables, calcium and protein during work breaks. A banana has potassium. Oranges have vitamin C, while I need to worry about the elements I use up at my physical work.

      • I mean, some yogurts are just flavored – there is no real fruit, no chocolate, no caramel or whatever the taste is. The best thing is to read the label and see the percentage of natural components.

  3. It’s funny I started out full of prejudice as I began to read this thinking to self, no way! Fruit goes with yoghurt. And then I reminded myself that I love raita whether made with mint or onion or cucumber or any combination of the three and that I love a blob of yoghurt on borscht and that further I am a slave to tzatiki in all its garlicky minty glory so why on earth would I not like these. I will try and I’m guessing it could be the start of a new love affair!

    • Oh oh! You are sounding like me, Fiona! 🙂 My 3 kids know that my first reaction, like a knee jerk automatic reaction is to say, “No.”
      They wait and pause. . . soon “I come around to what they were asking me to do.” That is when I offer my surrender flag of, “Well, maybe!” When my friend suggested I look for these combination yogurts, I was slightly “grossed out.” I think they are more fruity than savory but I enjoy them. Oh, I love cucumbers, onions and garlic in yogurt tzatiki! 🙂

      • Bring on summer so we can slather that tzatziki on everything in site … And I’m afraid I’m famous for my lemon face followed by a tenuous maybe and then full on embrace of whatever provoked the outburst in the first place. Let’s just agree that we are healthily suspicious 😉 x

  4. Robin, I’m a yogurt freak 🙂 My favorite at the moment is dark chocolate cherry. I have never tried anything but the fruit yogurts, although I do have one of those juicer blenders where I combine spinach and kale with apples, blueberries, etc. for a super healthy and tasty smoothie.

    • My youngest daughter, Felicia, loves the juicer she has, throwing in flaxseed, chia seeds, peanut butter powder, carob chips and other interesting things. Bananas taste good with the PB and carob chips. 🙂
      Lana, I like dark chocolate cherry yogurt, too.

      • Lana, I seem to always be hungry on weekends! My 7 year old grandson, Micah, woke up at 8 am, ate oatmeal for breakfast with 2 glasses of milk and asked for lunch at 10:30, ate PB sabdwich, carrots and corn chips and it is now 11 am. We played a rock game, Mancala, he played with Skyler’s tablet, legos and we are waiting for youngest daughter to head over to my son’s house. Other children can pick up the slack. . . Happy first day of Spring! 🙂

  5. I love yogurt. I love Greek yogurt and all the above ingredients. This is something I would definitely try if I ever founds some … but my #1 choice would have cherries 🙂

    • Cherries almost take the best flavor away. I like beets so the blend is fine with me! 🙂 Thanks again, Joanne. I am commenting but not visiting today. My wifi is not available and library closed till noon. Funny how data usage is now the “bane of my existence!” Ha ha 😀

  6. Oh I’m totally down for this. In fact, we recently bought some fruit and veg yogurt in tubes. They’re delicious. We like the blue kind best. Sassy says they’re called Ruby Rockets.

    • Oh, this was a wonderful addition to this, Joey! You are the first to mention the combination of fruits and vegetable yogurt in a tube!! Ruby Rockets sounds delicious and my grandies love anything food oriented in blue. Thank you, Joey. 🙂

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