White snow- cold,
Yellow with white rays- warm.

Green growth- hopeful, fresh.
Soft damp ground- messy.

Harsh bristles of weeds-

Brown, gray weathered post-
Stalwart, guarded, brave.

“Y” presented with few choices.
Get back in car and drive or
Walk along the road.

Fields as far as vision may allow.
Country land in the mid-west.
Starkness, endurance.

Generations echo the
descriptions of nature.

Passing on traditions
of determination,
and hope.

Cool upon
Warm reception
once familiarity sets in.

~~~~~ *** ~~~~~

The vernal equinox,
Spring begins,
The crossroads
or paths may
still show
Snow or


This photo taken by
reocochran and farm
analysis conducted by
Robin O. Cochran, 3/16.


34 responses »

    • Yeah, I am so happy but careful with my expectations. Though long ago, will never forget blizzard of March, 1978 with over 8 feet of snow andBGSU campus being crazy! : D

    • Veronica, your description is superlative. I appreciate how you have creative comments!
      I enjoyed trying to find a photo which expressed the dichotomy of potential snow tonight and green fields beyond. Smiles, Robin

    • Thank you, Dan. I like Spring but it is my 3rd favorite season. I just feel there is too much potential of dreaded snow! πŸ™‚ My favorite season is Summer, then Fall, then Spring. Winter is dead last. Smiles, Robin

    • Well, we are expecting snow tonight! So yes, “3 more frost’s after the forsythia blooms” is what the Old Farmer’s Almanac says. You are right, the temptation is to share flower πŸ™‚ pictures but they are part of the season and so is snow, Anneli! xo

  1. Spring remains my favourite season robin, but Autumn runs a close second. Days are noticeably shorter here, though the warmth remains and the colour is just turning in the trees and vines – The equinox already! My, how quickly the time goes by!

    • Pauline, I love Summer best, Autumn second and Spring third and Winter is dead last! πŸ™‚ I am glad our days are growing longer. We are on opposite sides of the world. I am not sure when your vernal equinox occurs? Thanks for your warm comment, dear. xo

  2. Robin I love this poem and I can see and feel the spring arriving at your place as we sit here this very morning in a thick fog. It won’t be long and the fire will be my first chore of the day. Enjoy the budding spring and warmer weather too.

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