apartment building front door view



Branches gently touch

Pillows of pastel clouds,

Not wishing to scratch

nor ruin the hazy sun setting.

Parking lot white truck of

Neighbor seeming

Tickled pink and

Blushing at the

Sky’s splendor.

♡  °  ♡  °  ♡  °  ♡

Sometimes the urge

to crop truck and

parking lot must

heed the call for

honest, gritty


Photo taken on
apt front porch,
which has two
straight pillars,
reminding this
resident of
southern verandahs.

Do you prefer to crop
and edit around
your city scapes?


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    • Oh, this is how we stay “real,” isn’t it, Jen? Thank you for answering the question and staying close in touch. Sending you, the girls and parents kisses blown across the ocean. If you have a service, or more, this week, hope they go smoothly, dear. ❤

      • Yes it is. You’re welcome and thank you for the kisses. I have one service on Thursday, the first in 3 weeks. 300 people expected…I hope it goes smoothly too as its for a new Funeral Home…so thank you hun xx

    • This will be both exciting but nervous. Boy, this sounds like quite a funeral service. Take care and will keep you in my thoughts as I put auto parts in my hampers on Thurs. (and always.) I had my coffee break now will say, “see ya later!”

  1. This is a terrific city scape. Honestly, I prefer to leave my photos alone if for no other reason than I’d really just rather not deal with it, ha, ha! Some of them just cry out for cropping though, so in those occasions, I will crop them.

    • Thank you, Sarah. I am a fan of eliminating “clutter” but sometimes when I remove too much it seems “plain.” I like to hear how others complete their blog posts, both in writing and photographs. It is fun to also know more from others who are “in the trenches” of blogging! 🙂

    • Anneli, thank you so much for chuckling since I am not too serious ever about blogging. Sometimes I just “wing it!” ha ha! I do crop, then look at it, sometimes ask my kids or grandkids. My grandkids like to decorate my photos, which I only allow once a month or so. I remember how serious and nice people were when I took that industrial photograph, but not sure I will do too many of them. . . Hope you are having a great day and beginning of the week! 🙂

      • Lovely evening tonight. Spring is officially here and it’s “trying” to be here for real.
        As for chuckling, I love it when I can enjoy a laugh over a blog post. There is enough serious stuff to fill the rest of the time.

      • Yes, we tend to find amusement from animals and our imaginary conversations between them. Of course, we appreciate nature. I tend to laugh at the kids (grandchildren), too. Your pups are fun, too.

      • My pleasure! I think your photos with each poem bring to life your words, and give the reader such pleasure. The combination of the two is powerful. Thank you! And, don’t stop, ever!

      • Jennie, went to my son and DIL’s house after work, to watch all of the grandkids color eggs. I will be happy to continue working on my writing “craft,” it is a learning process. Thank you for your very kind words! 🙂

    • Lina, wow! You are so excited about this! I really like this reaction but not sure this is that good! ha ha! I like to write and this just popped out. Glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

    • Jenny, I can tell you are a “stickler” for details on your own blog. You take lots of time to make your posts come out so well. Maybe your dedicated work experiences have come into play to help your presentation? 🙂 I was chuckling quietly over the “I’m a devil for the cropping tool.” Only you. . .
      I would crop things off, lately. Then I look at it, the photo looks “bare!” So, back to the drawing board I go!

      • I have to work, per usual. But will observe it however I can…Diana and I have begun reading Bible and praying together when I get home from work now. I think I’ll suggest that portion of Scriptures for the rest of this week. Please pray that she’ll feel good enough to get to services Easter Sunday. Hasn’t made it to church for months. Me-? about half the time.

    • Yes, it is wonderful when you can get away from town. Sometimes I chase the sunset or rainbow. Other times, I just am arriving home and am too exhausted to keep on driving. 🙂

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