Thursday’s Door ~ March 24, 2016: the Climb



As bravely, Micah proceeds
to head through the huge
garage door to the
Rock climbing area
of the Jungle Gym.

I notice no signs of fear,
trepidation nor retreat.

Admirably, Micah chose
to be the first volunteer!

How many times do
we as adults:


Hold back

Deny our interests

Say “No, thanks!”

when we should

Proceed ahead,

Full steam into

The Unknown?


What opportunities have you
Turned down due to fears?

Photo taken by Robin,
My opportunity given last year to join Thursday’s Doors Challenge
using words to describe
childhood memorable doors.

Will you enjoy looking at doors
from a unique perspective?

Check out Norm Frampton’s
Thursday’s Doors post with links
to others who enjoy taking photos
of a diverse, historical or another Door.

Who knows what you may discover. . .

Oh, don’t hold it against me,
but I love the song, “The Climb,”
co-written and sung by Miley Cyrus.


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    • I had been there to my Filipino friends’ children’s birthday parties in November and January. The huge garage door rolled up and I could not believe my eyes. I had never known they had this outstanding rock climbing place. They have inside a rather small area of rock climbing but mainly my grandies like the uneven parallel bars, the balance beam, the bouncy places and the high rope they call the “tight rope” where Skyler has walked before. Micah tried it only once and started to slip on the rope and even with the harness on, it made him “scared” just a couple of months ago. Thanks, Beth! Your awesome “he is brave” echoed my feelings exactly! 🙂

    • It is funny, I have been to several winter birthday parties here. They have a rock climbing “wall” that is about 1/3 the size of this, so while Micah’s eyes turned to saucers, my own mouth dropped to the floor! Micah didn’t even check with me, he scooted around the balance beams and tight rope area, bouncy places and headed straight there. It was amazing how warm it was outside, Dan for the first weekend in March! (Micah’s birthday was on Feb. 27th and his Mom held his own Hulk party later on this day displayed here! 🙂

  1. They have no fear at that age. Fear is something we learn over time. Sometimes it is useful in terms of self-preservation, but often it is unfounded and prevents us from achieving our potential.
    I wish there was a way to unlearn that type of fear 🙂

    • Norm, this is an excellent comment to ponder about. I agree, I wish I could “unlearn that type of fear!” 🙂
      You would think we would get braver as we get older, smarter and able to negotiate different challenging parts of life. But fear does seem to get larger in some ways, I am not eager to go out on ice, nor the roller rink in skates. I will do this, but I am much less agile, it isn’t like the old expression, “it is like riding a bike, you will remember the way to pedal.” Skating and skiing are sports I admire people my age continuing to be smooth and successful in! 🙂

    • Nia, thank you for finding the comments “profound.” I do wonder why it is I get nervous about some of the things I do and places I go by myself. I used to not worry about having someone to go with. Now, I feel less comfortable. I do silly things with my grandies, though.Still hung upside down on the playground and climbed a tree, also creek walk in my tennis shoes! 🙂 Just no really challenging things, I reluctantly go on the roller rink but I don’t fly around the rink at the same fast speed I did while younger! Lol! 😀

      • It can be hard to do things alone when you were so used to having someone else with you for some time. It happens, but huzzah for the roller rink, creek walking, and playground fun. 🙂

    • Your grandsons and mine would have a “hey day,” Mike together. 🙂 My granddaughters are also very adventurous except the youngest has to have her hand held sometimes, Makyah or Kyah. 🙂

  2. He is a brave kid, but then most kids are. I sometimes get fearful about things but I don’t shrink from them most of the time unless if feel that there is real danger involved. 🙂 ❤

    • Thanks, Joey. Life is full of adventures in grandparenting for me!

      Remember that movie, “Adventures in Babysitting?” My kids in their 30’s loved this, Christina Applegate was in it.

      • Adventures in Babysitting is Elisabeth Schue and the lil girl who thinks she’s Thor. The one with Christina Applegate is somethin about the babysitter bein dead. (Never saw that one.) BUT We love Adventures in Babysitting. It’s usually on around the holidays and we record it every year 🙂

    • Thanks for the clarification, Joey. My grown kids like BOTH movies. Funny, mixing up the two movies. I do remember the one with “Adventures” and now can picture Elisabeth Shue, Joey. the other one The elderly babysitter, in the other film, dies of natural causes but the kids like freedom while parents are out of town. They liked these kinds of movies, fantasizing about freedom, like “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” Again, glad to have my memory cleared and wouldn’t want to mislead anyone. 🙂

      • Ferris is THE BEST! — We love that one, too! We own that one, even. We’re big on movies here, Robin 😀

    • Well, more for 9 or older but my oldest daughter enjoyed it over and over again. She turns 35 on Tuesday. We liked for boys, “The Sandlot” movie. James Earl Jones is in this. They liked the movie, “The Goonies.”

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