My son and daughter in law’s informal Easter photo



One happy spring day,

The children were taken to

Anthony Thomas candy factory.

Delicious chocolate aroma wafted

with melting waves of resistance.

The baby, Hendrix, looked at his Daddy

wondering, “Who is in charge of this

heavenly smell?”

He stuck his fingers in his mouth.

You may not know why Hendrix looks

to his father, when there are scents.

It is because he works as a cook,

both in a restaurant and in his home.

The storyteller, Nana, has seen his

sweet baby face pressed into

his Daddy’s clothes.

The M & M girls liked the way

chocolate drippped over clean,

plump strawberries.

The older siblings were thrilled to be

promised Buckeye candies, milk

chocolate surrounding peanut butter.

All were surprised at the “lifelike”

appearance of the Bunny.

One of them declared,

“This is the real
Easter Bunny!”

This Bunny didn’t wear a brightly

colored vest and bow nor a Navy

blue waistcoat with a red bowtie

and gold pocket watch.

This Bunny seemed serious like he may

have important egg-dyeing tasks and

maybe basket-weaving work to be done.

As Hendrix studied the odd large,

silent Bunny, his face started to

pucker up. Hurriedly, Mommy and

Daddy not wishing to have a

crying baby in another

holiday photograph~

Both took their


• °. • °. • °. • °. •

If you celebrate


shout and sing!

If you savor the taste

of rich chocolate~

enjoy some candy.

If you rejoice in

the meaning of


wake up

your inner Spirit!

= = = = = = = =

Photo taken by parents
of my grandchildren.

Scrumptious “tour” of
home base of famous
candy factory written
by Robin O. Cochran.

Oh, oh!
There goes
Peter Cottontail! : ^ : ^ . . . .


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    • They were planning the candy-making place trip, but were pleasantly surprised to find the Easter Bunny! This Anthony Thomas is close to a dollar cinema they frequent, Jill.
      Have a wonderful Easter, Jill. My oldest daughter came up for Thursday and Friday to visit Mom, while youngest daughter is arriving later today, Saturday. Grandies are with parents on Easter, while I am blessed to spend time with my Mom. Will you see your parents? 🙂

    • So glad you will have time with the family, including precious parents. What will we do when they aren’t with us? Hanging to hopes of their becoming centenarians, Jill. ❤

    • We are blessed because son is really good, learned under a German chef. He has been a sous chef, a short order cook and a kitchen manager. Sadly, two of his best paying jobs were in family restaurants and both went under, while chain restaurants brought more customers.
      Diane, both son and DIL made their own multi-layered wedding cake with white chocolate ganache highlighted with dark chocolate dots. It was very tasty! My oldest daughter bakes great everything but the kitchen sink cookies and all her two sons’ birthday cakes. (Including pirate ships, the Hulk and bugs cakes.)
      I am not bragging since there are skills other friends children have,including better financial situations. We all talk about opening a restaurant and sharing talents, including my major mural painting brother decorating the walls! 😉
      Happy Easter to you and your family. Have fun with J.P. on Easter!

    • Sylvia, thanks for the sweet wishes! I am sure it is amazing to see shorts on the kids when the next week you may have heard we had temps in the 20’s! Happy Easter to you, Sylvia. 🙂

    • I think you deserve a giftbox of candy, maybe Anthony Thomas of Columbus or Malley’s of Cleveland. I like Lindt or Godiva, which many stores stock. . . gotta have your chocolate, or you may go crazy, Marissa. 😉

      • I would definitely agree with you but the truth is that there’s been an overflow of chocolate in my fridge ever since Valentine’s Day. A lot of it belongs to the 2 evil monkeys though. They don’t let me have any!!

  1. That is a very down to earth Easter bunny. Happy Easter in advance! I live the chocolate, though I have cut back, and jellybeans. Oh, those are trouble. Especially Reese ‘ s eggs…peanut butter the best thing to have in my mind. Though maybe not as festive for the holiday. Hope you have a grand time dying Easter eggs 🙂

    • We did well on egg dying evening, Nia. The visit with mom has been hot and cold. She sometimes gets snappy and other times loving. I am blessed to still have her around. Tonight, Easter evening my brother asked if she and I would mind if he came over to watch basketball. She was excited and I got him a snack and she was talking. When he asked me about my blog, usually she is so supporting, she instead said if we were going to talk during the basketball game she would go to bed. He left iin a few minutes and I am in dark blogging. Lol like a little kid under the covers. How did you do staying away from the chocolates, especially the Reese’s peanut butter eggs? 😉

    • Brenda, you are so nice to look back on my posts. I think this summer I will cut back to 3 times a week.
      Thank you for the delicious response! It is funny since both my brothers cook and my SIL doesn’t grocery shop. She once paid me to be her “personal shopper” to help choose skirts, blouses and professional jackets. I had so much fun!!
      Susan is the “chief pan, dishes and bottle cleaner” 🙂 Their dishwasher gets used a lot and she got one of those robot vacuums that bumps around and drives their dogs crazy!

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