An apple parable


First of all, this was a blessing to me.

My church newsletter, “The Spire,”
included this story in its lavender
March pamphlet.

I don’t have a photograph of
two apples for this tale.

Perceptions or assumptions
will disappoint you, I think.

“Food for Thought”

“A little girl was holding two
apples, one in each hand.

Her mother came in and softly
asked her daughter to give her
one of the two apples.

The girl looked up to her Mum,
for some reason for several
seconds, then she suddenly
took a quick bite of one apple
and then quickly out of the other.

The mother felt the smile on her
face freeze. She tried hard not
to reveal her disappointment.

Then the little girl handed one of
the bitten apples to her mother
and then said,

“Here you are, Mommy.
This is the sweetest one.”

I hesitate to keep on quoting, but did
like this summary of the parable:

“No matter who you are,
delay judgment.

Give others the privilege
or opportunity
to explain themselves.

What you see may not be the reality,
which is why we should never only
focus on the surface and judge others
without understanding them first.”

Sharing this, along with
this beam of light.

A rainbow or my label,


along with hopes
for a very
to you
and yours!

~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~


~ ** ~

photograph by
Robin Cochran,
parable from
3/2016 church

~ ** ~


63 responses »

    • V., dear, thanks so much for finding meaning in this parable. I had a wonderful weekend and happy Easter. Mom was feisty, a little tired but I am grateful to be able to still spend time with her. ❤

    • Ian, this is a great way of explaining the story and it’s purpose. There is a moral of the story. I like this way of putting it. I remember teachers saying this in younger days in my life. Hope you held your angel and I bet she was a sweetheart. ❤

    • Oh, so glad you liked this photo, Diane! When I spied this reflection of colors in the high up clouds, I was afraid when I tried to crop and expand it, the colors wouldn’t show up!
      The parable is like the fairy tales which may end, “the moral of the story is. . . ” 🙂

  1. I like the twist in the story, initially seeming like something selfish and ending up like something sweet. What a great Easter message. Thank you for sharing. – Mike

    • Glad you liked it. I have to admit not much my grandies do would make me disappointed in them, Mike. We may have given the child our ” benefit of the doubt” smiles.

    • I was happy to spend time with brothers, niece, grandnephew and Mom. My daughter’s came in two shifts, grandies, son and DIL having visited one of last holidays, Jill.
      I was also glad you spent time with your parents and your Derek, too. 🙂

  2. What a meaningful post! This has to always be kept in our mind..Everyone tends to be judgemental including me…After reading this post I have decided to never do it again

    • Nia, you are staying better caught up than I have! How do you manage with such a busy work schedule? Thanks for this lovely comment! I was happy this was new to me, which meant a lot, also. You are welcome! 🙂

      • I had some down time. Right now off to rest early morning and what not. Have to blog at some point but we have one week til break…so that may be tricky. 🙂

    • Yes, Nia. Good idea to wait til break for blogging. No pressure here. I will be cutting back in summer as my car parts warehouse “amps” up more hours and gets lots hotter inside. Three times a week or less. . .

    • We chatted a bit about the weekend, Jen. So, I will say hope you have a gentle, sweet beginning of the week. I like “easing” into this one since I don’t have to work tomorrow! 🙂

      • Our Monday is 3/4’s through, Mr. S back to work tomorrow. No services so far for the coming week, so time with mum and pop as mums birthday on Wednesday. Enjoy your non working day. ❤️

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