Baby Hendrix smiles for his 7 month photo :)



It is very hard

to resist the

charm of a

smiling baby!

Welcoming your memories
of babies now, yesterday
or long ago neighbors,
cousins or siblings.



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    • Jen, the little angel icon is such a cute addition to this comment! It is hard to resist any little one, but this one is a charmer. If you need a hug, he is good at it for such a baby. 🙂

    • Beth, thank you for the sweet comments. On another subject when I received this with the peach tones on his face and body, I wondered about it. They said eating carrots and sweet potatoes “colored” his skin. Not sure about this, though!

    • I think he does look like he is going to have red hair, Mike. My Mom had auburn hair and Trista (DIL) has reddish golden hair. Thank you for noticing!
      He is such an easy going baby. When I asked why he was so peachy-colored they said he ate a lot of sweet potatoes and carrots, while still breast feeding.

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