Shadows in the Night



This is a simple profile,

recognizable silhouette.

As I got out of my car, in

my own apartment building

parking lot, I noticed it.

What some may consider plain,

I, who like to use pen and ink,

see beyond the basics.





Shadows in the Night.

Photograph by
Questioning our
Night visions and dreams.


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  1. Having recently entered a photography show, one of the things I have learnt was that Silhouette was paramount in Black and white photography, your picture depicts what was demonstrated beautifully.

    • Great eye for details, Diana. Yes, intersecting lines all tangled up like humanity itself. The difficulty distinguishing between real and fantasy, another possible direction in description or depiction.

    • Mike, this has been a learning experience which is very addictive! I see so many places every day where my mind starts coming up with interesting ways to write or describe the shots. Thank you for sticking with the direction I have gone! πŸ™‚

    • My Mom said something like this when I showed the photo I was going to use. She worried about me.
      Natalie, I figure I have two protective devices when I get out of my car. I always carry my keys since I have a “Panic” button and my cell phone, to speed dial “911!”

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