Diamonds in the sky



Although a little theatrical,

I wished to see how the

image of a tree silhouette

framed by six-sided black

Almost diamond looking,

would appear to bloggers.

Too much editing?





There were two
framed trees today.
Hope you will let me
know what you think. . .

Here is naturalist,

John Muir’s

Quotation for the day:

“Everybody needs beauty
as well as bread,
places to play in
and pray in, where
Nature may heal and
cheer and give
strength to
body and soul alike.”


43 responses »

    • Beth, there once was a favorite and familiar quote, not sure of author, “Man cannot live by bread alone.” I like both since they are true, glad you liked this newer one!

    • Amy, I am glad you didn’t mind the framing, sometimes I like to “change things up,” as my grown kids say! Wasn’t I lucky to have this quote presented to me, in the Nick of time?!

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