Playing with frames



Over a year ago,

I wrote about the

different uses of the word,


I had fun playing with the words.

I am terrible at re-blogging and

adding a photograph so I took

my favorite uses of the words.

My sentence examples are first

and the ~general topic~ follows.

( ) | | [ { } ] | | ( )

You can frame in a barn

~ Construction usage ~

Framing compliments a painting

~ Art usage ~

Hair “bangs” frame a face

~ Cosmetology ~

Glasses frames come in metal

called “wire rims” or plastic,

along with popular 60’s

cat winged frames.

~ Optometrist’s Office ~

Famous photographers use doors

and windows, other structural

devices to frame their shots.

~ Photography ~

The lawyer chose carefully

how to frame his question.

While the policeman was not sure

if the prisoner had been framed.

~ Legal Terminology ~

The thin girl’s body frame consisted

of a delicate bone structure, while

the heavier, solid person blamed

his weight on his forebears’

big boned frame.

~ Physiology ~

There are many ways the different

tenses of frame are used but one

I am proud of is how the

United States Constitution

was framed.

( ) [ ] { }

Hope you enjoyed the photo
Framed in white, using cell
phone Editing tool.
Also, hope you liked the
wordplays using
and Framing.


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    • Not sure if you searched word play or frames in right hand column, or looked at the three choices of related articles, Andrew. They are in alphabetical order and called “tags” to help connect people to subjects of interest. πŸ™‚
      The story is called “Have You Ever Been Framed?” posted on February 23, 2014. The link on my cell phone is in red above here ob my post. It is found under the people who pushed “like.” Thanks for wishing to look back on one of my “classic” posts. Lol πŸ˜€

  1. Wow, funny how these subtleties in language can make one word take on so many different connotations and still have the same general meaning…which I guess would be structure. I’d say you framed your picture rather well.

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