Don’t wait to try things . . .



When two coworkers suggested

Try the new steakhouse

in a strip mall by joining

them called, 

~Asahi Japanese Steakhouse~

I hesitated.

It used to be a matter of budgeting,

trying to save more than spend.

Not sure why, but I used to

have this “bad” habit.

Let me tell you a longtime habit,

of leaping before looking.

Many times regretting

First instincts.

Over the years,

I made a new resolution,

to think before I leaped.

So, I later saw one of the two
friends, both widows who
had included me in other
outings that we had
enjoyed, laughing
and joking.


This will be

and leap!

It was amazing!

First time ever
to see knives
doing acrobatic
Steely shining stunts.

Clever repartee with
Comments flying.

Fire blazing


π ∆ π ∆ π ∆ π

Carl Sandburg’s
Quote about Time:

“Time is the coin of your life.
It is the only coin you have,
and only you can determine
how it will be spent.”

π. π. π. π. π.

Photo of Japanese chef
by reocochran,
New day “challenging
thoughts” by Robin.

This goes out to Osyth,
my friend named Fiona,
who also admitted to
making a lemon face
before she used to say,


Check out her blog
with international
flair, transplanted
and homesick:


45 responses »

  1. how wonderful and i’m glad you are back leaping once more, robin. as you said, time is yours to spend, in ways that you choose, so why not choose fun? )

  2. I am glad you shared that experience with good friends. A relative took us to Musashi Japanese Steakhouse when we were in Las Vegas. It was as much fun as a stage show, delicious food, and the memories linger. – Mike

  3. A wise quote with your personal perspective. We have all lost many opportunities for happiness or evolution, that time cannot return, in the name of fear. Thought provoking piece R.

    • V~ lovely comment which warms my heart. When you mention lost opportunities and thought provoking post, I feel very satisfied in my new direction of leaping more! ❤

    • You have a great partner to catch you or share the experience. The two women, Debby and Linda lost their in death. It humbles me at their inner strength to carry on and they laugh a lot! Sylvia, your live life to the full was wonderful!

  4. I haven’t been to a Japanese diner for a long while – they have proper names and I’m ashamed to say I’ve forgotten it. You reminded me how much fun it is to watch those flying knives and plates and bowls coming at you……… I’m glad you are saying yes! Love the quote too 🙂

    • Oh, I understood what you meant when you said diner, a place to dine! 🙂 Pauline, sometimes we spend so much time with our children that we forget out own needs to experience life. Your description of their juggling act cracked me up! 😀

  5. “looking before leaping” is not a bad habit, Robin, as far as my thoughts are concerned. But, yes, sometimes we can afford a little indulgence, a chunk of luxury. That always make us happy… 🙂

    A steakhouse is always fun. I love sizzlers as well. 🙂

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