Thursday’s Doors ~ April 7, 2016: German Village church



This church is located just around the

corner from my youngest daughter’s 


The bright red steps really stand out,

leading up to deeper brick-colored

double doors.

To see details of the brick work and

the stained glass arch above the

door, please check out my next post!

~~~ *** ~~~     ~~~ *** ~~~

I liked the pretty white, flowering tree,

along with yellow daffodils and

red tulips in the garden.

Spring is in the air!

Clever slogan on the bulletin board,

along with the name, lends an

upbeat and positive message

for those who attend or

drop in at,

Thurman Avenue Methodist Church.

(Located in German Village, near

Columbus, Ohio.)


This “Thursday’s Doors’ post is
inspired by a group of
dedicated door seekers
led by terrific host,
Norm Frampton.
Check out the doors and links
found on Norm’s blog at:


33 responses »

    • Thank you for liking the flowers and the positive message on their bulletin sign, Page. I am sorry to hear this about your tuips and daffodils. We had people spreading sheets over their flowers, around the neighborhood.I hope other flowers start blossoming in your “neck of the woods.” πŸ™‚

    • Amy, the place attracted my eyes as I drove by, then I had to turn around and capture a few pictures! I LOVE your gorgeous photographs! Crazy good ones, dear friend. ❀

      • I just told Dan that I am getting so obsessed with doors I may be joining the Thursday door theme. He’s got me obsessed. Tee hee ……. πŸ˜‰

  1. Missed seeing this post. Went looking for it after your comment on the previous one. Still think the church is very austere, but obviously the people have a sense of humour, judging by the sign.

    • Thank you, Holly, I didn’t even notice the flaws in this building but there are a few who noted the lack of porch at top of stairs left newer brighter red bricks showing where the missing overhang was. Glad you liked this, dear! πŸ™‚

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