Let Them Have Wings!



We had busy day at the

Franklin Conservatory.



Dale Chihuli glass,


Cacti and palm trees.

On first floor, we found the

Children’s interactive area.

Kyah spreads her arms,

ready to test her wings.


Butterfly specialist,
expert and author of
“Butterflies through Binoculars,”
both “The East” book and
“The West” collection
shares this quotation:

** “Beautiful and graceful,
Varied and enchanting,
Small but approachable,
Butterflies lead you to
the sunny side of life.
And everyone deserves
a little sunshine.” **

~ written by Jeffrey Glassberg.

Photograph of my
granddaughter by
April, 2016.


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    • They let them loose at the Franklin Park Conservatory every day for awhile, Lisa. I hear many other conservatories do this! I had not been there before to see the butterfly cocoon and chrysalis nursery although my friends and my grown children have tried this before. Wonderful experience since they carry a plexiglass case in to “release the butterflies!” 🙂

    • Jen, you may wonder but I had not heard of this nice image of butterflies. Thank you so much for sharing, dear one. xo
      Each child got to do this, even the 11 year old Lara did this but somehow lately, Kyah’s come out of the “shy shell” which was like her protective cocoon and she really has been soaring along in preschool. This fall she will be heading off to kindergarten finally ready! I think having a baby brother helped her to feel “BIG!” Smiles and hugs, Robin

    • Colleen, each of the four grown children who were ages 11 down to 6, took a turn doing this. I saw a sincere reaction, while knowing Kyah has been lately more secure and appearing to be finally ready to go to kindergarten. Having Hendrix as a baby brother, she seems to have “come into her own,” so to speak. Thanks, Colleen for that sweet reminder of how some children call butterflies, “flutterby’s.” So nice to hear this again!

    • Marissa, we do chat about our activities and glad you remembered my sharing this! 🙂 Each of the children wanted to do this but the most appropriate “flying” portrait is Kyah. She seems so much more confident since her second year of preschool, having a baby brother makes her feel important. So, this is the only one I will post of their arms spread, ready for flight! Have a splendid and fun Sunday, Marissa!

    • Mike, thank you so much for Joyce Kilmer’s line. This is very much appropriate for how Kyah has grown and matured this year. She will head off to kindergarten and “shine!” Not to promote having babies, but Hendrix did help Kyah to feel like she was “BIG,” and she used to hide behind her mother through her fourth and some of her fifth year in life. The kids all are close to their parents, which I thank goodness for this, since many people like their cute looks and don’t want any to “disappear” into this somewhat dangerous world we live in.
      Hope you have an especially serene Sunday, Mike!

    • I am not sure how your daughter was while young, Dan. 🙂 Of all my six older grandkids, Kyah has been the one full of trepidation and worries, hiding from behind her mother (or Daddy.) Having two years of a nice preschool experience and I believe helping Mommy with Hendrix has made her feel more confident. She is the one of my son’s family I thought, who would make the best to share.
      Lara, Landen, and Marley also posed in the butterfly position. Kyah seems like the one really changed from her cocoon into her butterfly ‘ready to fly” stage!

    • Sylvia, thanks so much! She is definitely the one who has “come into her own” this past year. I could have gone crazy and displayed Lara, Landen and Marley’s photos but they have been fairly confident and secure for years. Kyah has finished her second year of preschool and finally at age 6, having helped Mommy with the baby, talks and answers teacher’s questions. I think she represented having “Wings to Fly” the best of all of them! 🙂

    • Thank you, Anneli. She has come out of her shell, talks and answers teacher’s questions in preschool and seems to be able to not worry so much. She spent her first 4 to 4 1/2 years hiding behind her Mommy or Daddy. She didn’t like spending the night often for years I would have to bundle her back up to take home. Even after we cuddled, sang and read stories. She is “ready to fly” now into kindergarten in the fall. Actually, I took photos of the 11 year old Lara, 9 year old Landen and 7 year old Marley, too. They are all precious but she represents the butterfly’s transformation! Hugs, Robin

    • Oh, thank you, Jill. Sending you hugs for this!! I will tell Kyah this but “shh!” don’t let the others who posed as butterflies know! Kyah was the one who has really gone through a metamorphosis this past year. I am so proud of how she looks at people when asked a question or greeted. She was my little shy “cocoon” for her first 5 years!

  1. Agreed…butterflies and grandchildren lead us to the sunny side of life! What a neat weekend excursion 🙂 We have a butterfly place here where I live, but alas, no botanical gardens…if we had gardens, I could just live there, you know. Thanks for sharing, and have a lovely remainder of the weekend, Robin.

    • Lana, I like this textbook butterfly scientist showing his softer side!
      Glad you agree with J. Glassberg’s quote and “take” on butterflies. I agree children or grandchildren (or nieces or cousins or neighbor children. . .) bring us over to the sunny side of life!
      This was site of the Ameriflora event, which attracted international attendance. If you were single, I would grab you to meet at the Conservatory’s, Thursday’s wine and cheese singles’ mixer! 🙂

    • Thanks, Beth! I took four of these individual butterfly photos. I will have to wait for Hendrix to stand up. Ha ha! They even have a little stool for short toddlers, by the way. 🙂

    • I agree with all these special qualities you mentioned in this simple photograph, Sarah. Whimsy is particularly a fun word! She is the one I have seen the most growth and change, making her prepared to “fly off” to kindergarten next year! 🙂

    • Oh, Natalie! ❤ I am thrilled with the confidence shown by Kyah. This shy "cocoon" child is transformed into a soon to be preschool graduate! She has come a long way this past year; ready to "fly off" to kindergarten!

  2. What an awesome butterfly you have Robin! Love! love! love…blessings for your lovely grand daughter…she seems so confident! Thanks for sharing this precious picture. Stay blessed. 🙂

    • This was such a kind and warm comment, Balroop. Thank you for loving this littlest girl in the family. She used to hide behind her Mommy or Daddy but has finished two years of half day preschool and is a nice big sister to a baby brother. I am excited to say she went through a “metamorphosis,” of sorts. She will soon “fly off” to kindergarten in our local public school. Hope you will have a wonderful beginning of the week, dear. Blessings sent your way. 🙂

    • Thank you for such a very sweet comment for Kyah! Have a wonderful day and hope it goes quickly. Give Chhori a hug from me please! I loved her precious little feet and shoes! xo

    • Oh, thanks so much for reading this. I apologize for my belated response. I hope to be better at replying and am interested in reading your blog soon, dear. 🙂

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