Geese in cemetery



You may wish geese would fly on by.

Some complain about messes

they make on sidewalks.

! ! ! !

They don’t mean to,

since it is part of

nature and wildlife.

! ! ! !

Instead, I have problems with

Humans who don’t pick up after dogs.

Geese leave vegetarian “green goo,”

which looks bad, usually stains.

What forces of nature “bug” you?  

Any other “rants” about human nature?

There is another post

Same photograph,

Different words,



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  1. I can forgive the geese, creatures in nature, and all that. Dog owners, no, I can’t forgive. Breaking the rules ultimately leads to more rules and restrictions for those of us who obey the rules. Good dog, bad human.

    • I agree that dogs cannot help where their owners take them. Are you ever upset about geese on beaches or sidewalks? My Mom has friends in her senior apt building, who feed the geese. The geese leave their droppings but we laugh since you cannot get mad at them! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • The only geese I was mad at was the mother goose who attacked my while I was riding my bike. I was on the path along the Windsor Locks Canal, so nowhere to go, water on both sides. Here’s babies were crossing the path. I waited at a safe distance until all the babies were in the water and then I rode by. Mom came back up the bank and pecked at me and my bike. Even so, I couldn’t be mad at here for long.

    • I wonder if calling the police to ask what hours barking is allowed would give you ammunition to write a note to neighbors. We have noise and city ordinances to prevent disturbing the peace. I am sure most towns or cities do, too. Jill, thanks for letting us know your “pet peeve.” ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I agree with thelonelyauthorblog. I don’t mind the goose poop. Imagine if there were no geese! That would be pretty sad. But dog poop in a public place, there’s just no need for that if the owners pick up like they’re supposed to.

    • Yes! Rant away, rant away Marissa! So glad you took my request! I think it is ironic, I use some extra car wash and wax, weather becomes rainy and cloudy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I can deal with squawking geese. Barking dogs that keep me awake at night – not so much. Owners who do not care for their pets responsibly should not be allowed to keep them.

    • I feel dogs are smart and deserve positive situations in their lives. If the are incessantly barking, this will hurt their throats or mechanism. Mike hope this rarely happens to any dogs in your area, Mike.

    • Maybe, Jenny,it was YOU who got my thoughts heading this way! Dogs eat meat or dogfood. Their diet means it will have more potent “stink” to it.
      I have to head off to bed but will be reading more comments + blogs tomorrow.

    • I definitely agree, JoAnn. The beauty in their flight pattern and way they take care of each other is encouraging and inspirational. The “good outweighs the bad” in this group of geese. Hugs, Robin

  4. Having read both posts before commenting on either, I decided to comment on the latter one before leaving my comments on the first, back to front I know, but both posts are honestly worded and descriptive, no matter which style you prefer Robin, I still enjoy your posts, they are diverse and interesting.

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