Thursday’s Doors ~ April 14, 2016: Students Observatory (OWU)



The Students Observatory,

College Science Building,

Originally called,

Perkins Observatory,

looks much better from a

distance, blurring imperfections,

disrepair and need for a good

sanding and base paint layer

before re-painting  project.

The Ohio Wesleyan University

Student Observatory has

been on campus since

~ 1896 ~

At the time this was the

third largest telescopic lens

in the United States,

housed in this observatory dome.

This photograph of the

observatory is part of

Norm Frampton’s

Thursday’s Doors,

which includes a

wide variety of doors.

Their links to other blogs

featuring Doors may be found at:

Please check out my other

photographs found on

same subject of

Students Observatory,

Thursday’s Doors post.


18 responses »

  1. Great to see the Observatory in contrast with the rest of the buildings.
    I think this Observatory would have definitely been a renowned building in its original days.
    So much history behind those bricks.
    Lovely post Robin.

    • Ian, I wish I could go back to when this was “state of the art.” The original building with the telescope lens being considered third largest (in U.S.) in the historical notes on this. It makes me curious! 🙂 Thank you for your nice comments. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

    • Ina, do you mean the photo isn’t showing? I am sorry for this, dear. 😦 If you mean the link to Norm’s blog, I don’t link up with all the doors. I just list his link on the post. Have a nice weekend, Ina.

      • the link given when I pressed did not take me anywhere so now you’ve explained you do not link just list the link even if the link looks as though it could link to another page 🙂 All good then, Hugs Robin and have a super weekend yourself XX

    • The long distance one covers or hides some of the disrepair but I do feel it gives you the feel of its historical beauty. Thank you, Anneli. Hope you have some fun this weekend. 🙂

    • Eric, glad you found this to be lovely. I like to imagine how it would have felt to go inside and see all the wonders in the night sky. It has some historical relevance, being “state of the art” of its time. I hope someday a graduate donates and gets it updated. Thanks for listening to my sharing. 🙂

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